11 thoughts on “Flash Mob Mayhem Wrecks Havoc on Unarmed New York City Businesses

  1. It is for such reasons that Thompson machine guns were manufactured.Not to create violence but to quell it.Its enough to leave me with a desire to set up shop in New York.The moral decay of this once great nation is apalling.Or maybe if we only had one more national zionist organization or movie star of the week to speak out in favor of public disarmament?Or maybe these misdirected happy-go -lucky youths are simply high on marijuana in which case the problem will disappear when the full effect of the war on drugs becomes manifest.

    1. You say that maybe these kids were “high on marijuana”, well here is news to ya carl hammel, part of the side effects of pot is non violent behavior. I would say that it is more like lack of parental upbrining or could it just be the role models kids have now days with how our govt. is consistently ripping off people and nothing ever happens to the govt. or could it just be that they see these so called movie stars always shop lifting , stealing from people, or useing drugs like they are going out of style and nothing ever realy happens at all to these damned movie stars or people like that justin beeber.

      1. Agree as one who has indulged in the natural herbal experience for more than half my life, never stole, pay my own way and am considered the go to guy when something is broke or doesnt run(cars trks tractors chainsaws etc) it is obvious that these “youths” teens” some looked to be 30 but all were colored are reverting to their tribal ways and need mowed down like the animals they are for terrorizing the innocent. Have you all heard about the new game of KNOCKOUT where these “poor colored youth” seek their jollies by coldcocking WHITE PEOPLE,but just like guns used for good you will not here about this on the talmudvision.Yes its way past time to wake up take that bitter red pill of reality act, like men and for our sake get over this crazy white guilt thing.I dont wish my words to be taken the wrong way as I dont feel superior to any other race but I damn sure dont feel inferior either.

  2. Just wait until the dollar collapses. That will be the scene of any place that has any kind of food, water, or other life essentials.

  3. If I’m not mistaken this is your home.How’s the part time job going?Best wishes,Sunfire.You are so correct.

    1. Close enough. LOL He’s next door, in Jersey.
      Best wishes from us, as well, Sunfire. Hope your Mom is doing well. (and Yes, you’re right)

    2. Close, Carl, but Sunfire lives in New Jersey.

      And as far as these kids being high on pot, I’m fairly certain you were being facetious with that comment.

      FAR more likely they’re high on crack or meth.

  4. One of those guys looked like Obama. Where was the president when this was happening?

    This is nothing new. It’s been going on for decades. They used to call it “wilding.” I”m sure those nice honor students only attacked that Arab because “da white man be holdin’ ’em down.”

    I think they do it because it looks like a lot of fun.

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