Frost Jack’s Daughter ‘Wez Wez’

676741This is our daughter, ‘Wez Wez’.

I gave her this nickname when she was little she had a speech impairment and talked real quietly.  She was at the library one day asking for a book and the librarian couldn’t hear or understand her.  I said you remind me of that toy in Toy Story 2 that his squeaker was broken, therefore giving her the nickname Wez Wez.  

You can view her tribute video here:

16 thoughts on “Frost Jack’s Daughter ‘Wez Wez’

  1. My Fellow Trenchers:

    Frost Jack’s Daughter – Kiley Jay Bolinger

    October 31, 1994 – Feburary 14, 2016

    To Mr. & Mrs. Bolinger,… our deepest sympathies and heartfelt sorrow for your loss. It is hard to imagine a more painful event, than to have ones child pass on at such a young age.

    JD – US Marines – A reminder of how fleeting our time can be with our loved ones…..


  2. The cruelest pain of all is the loss of a child. Frost Jack, my heart cries with you and your family. I am honored that you shared this tribute with us. Know you are loved.

  3. I can’t watch the video. I know, I should “man up” but, I’m not going to. It’s my choice. I lost my wife at age 39, I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. May the good lord help to ease the pain of your bereavement, Frost Jack. My heartfelt sympathies go out to you and your family. Millard

  4. Good souls and people that actually have one never die.
    Only our bodies.
    Be aware Mr. Frost.
    She will visit you in your dream state.
    Just like I was visited by my Dad and brother basically to let you know they are all right.
    Now you have a little angel watching your back.
    Time will heal the hole in your heart.
    It just takes time.
    Trust me I know.
    God bless.

    1. shes has , i dreamed it was a big blue sky and she had a green shirt on and the same hair cut and i said ‘ never hurt poppa like that again ‘ as i was hugging her and she answer ‘ok i wont’ it was a very short dream but i remember it when i awoke . ps this just came to me as i was writing , when she was about 4 she would say i love you daddy (it changed to poppa when she got older or maybe it was me getting old) and i’d say how much and her answer was all my heart up to the big big sky , ill miss her all my days.

  5. So saddened by your familiy’s loss, jack frost. Please know a stranger cares and weeps with you. I wish for you to find the strength within yourself to carry on and put the pieces left in place as best as they can be, but sadly not as they should be. Again, my deepest condolences.

    1. I f’d up your screen name but I have a good excuse as to why I couldn’t see clear, frost jack. Apologies.

      1. tsitram no prob it would of been jack frost but i believe it was already taken so i just reversed it .

  6. Julius,

    My most heartfelt sympathies for the loss of your beautiful daughter Kiley. I can’t imagine losing a child at such a young age. May you and your wife hold onto each other and do your best to get through this very difficult time. You are very much loved.

  7. No one should ever outlive their children , so sorry for your loss

    on the plus side , shes not suffering , and doesnt have to put up with the stupidity of being alive here on earth
    God Bless

  8. Frost Jack, my deepest sympathy in the loss of your lovely daughter. Your video of Kiley is so touching and beautiful.

  9. Frost jack I don’t know you, but it does not matter. I am so very sorry for your loss, your daughter is so beautiful and know that she is with the Lord and you will be with her again. I lost my Mom 6 months ago and it hurts so so so so bad, I am having alot of trouble dealing with it, but I know she is in heaven and that I will spend eternity with her. That is what gets me through when the pain is so bad you cannot handle it. My deepest sympathy is with you and your family. God Bless.

  10. I thank you for the kind words about our daughter and our loss. I thank you for sharing this tribute for all to see what a beautiful young lady she is. I have trouble saying was..We miss her so much from Laurie Bollinger

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