5 thoughts on “Gabby Giffords

  1. *sarcasm* I am a soldier who served in one of the many American wars. During my time of service I was shot. I now demand that all of my fellow soldiers be disarmed to compensate for my loss. It does not matter to me that their safety is now in jeopardy and that we will lose any war in which we are engaged. Do I still look pretty?

  2. She isn’t a “shooter” or ever was a gun advocate or target shooter..Just look at how she holds that rifle..lol what a joke
    My Daughter had better form than that at 10..and If I ever saw her standing like that she would have been corrected before ever being given a real weapon, especially one loaded

    makes me wonder how many times she had to be picked up off the ground, who knows maybe she bumped her head once too many times shooting like that and there is there real reason her thoughts are scrambled

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