6 thoughts on “George Soros LIVES AT 136 CANTITOE ST IN KATONAH NY.

  1. Yeah. Show up there with your signs for your “peaceful protest” and scream and wail until the police show up to shoo you away.
    Great plan.
    Soros isn’t home on Sunday’s anyway. He’s at the satanic church eating babies.
    Everybody knows this.

    1. Hi tc,

      Agreed,… Soro’s (NWO Callsign – Clucky) gives new meaning to the phrase, “Baby Back Ribs”…..

      JD – I wonder when Clucky goes to his Sunday Satanic Mass,… do they also, “Stand”, “Sit”, “Kneel”, “Pray”, “Stand”, “Sing”, Shake Hands,…. then leave like at a Christian Mass??….


  2. Yep, I think it’s Soros’ place.
    136 Cantitoe St, Katonah, NY 10536 | Zillow
    http://www.zillow.com › New York › Town of Bedford › 10536 › Katonah
    View photos of this single family home located at 136 Cantitoe St, Katonah, NY 10536 that sold on 9/29/06 for $8,774,060.

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