US Students Leave Schools To Join Anti-Trump Protests

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Thousands of students across the United States have marched out of their schools to protest against Donald Trump and his election as the 45th American president.

Leaving their classrooms by the hundreds on Monday, the students took to the streets across several cities in California, Maryland and Oregon while carrying anti-Trump signs and flags.  

In east Los Angeles, California, the protesters, some of them too young to vote, held American and Mexican flags together, in an apparent response to Trump’s campaign pledges to end illegal immigration from the US southern neighbor.

Students from several high schools rally after walking out of classes to protest the election of Donald Trump as president in downtown Los Angeles Monday, November 14, 2016. (Photo by AP)

Holding signs that read “Rise Up” and “Together We Stand,” the crowd marched to a plaza in the predominantly Hispanic neighborhood of Boyle Heights.

The protesters also denounced Trump’s proposed policies against Muslims, women and minorities.

Similar events were held in Portland, Oregon and Silver Spring, Maryland.

Anti-Trump protests have not slowed down almost a week after the New York billionaire’s election victory against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Demonstrators march to protest against US President-elect Donald Trump in Los Angeles on November 12, 2016. (Photo by AFP)

“Although it has been nearly a week since the presidential election, many students remain concerned about the outcome and want their voices to be heard,” said Michelle King, superintendent of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The students said they did not want a racist president. Some went even farther, calling Trump a “Nazi president.”

“I want to tell people that we don’t want Donald Trump as our president,” a 16-year-old student told The Los Angeles Times. “Because he’s racist and I have immigrant parents and I’m afraid that I might lose them.”

Thousands of protesters have been holding rallies in major cities like Chicago, New York City, Los Angeles, Boston and Portland, urging Trump to resign over his racist and divisive campaign pledges.

US President-elect Donald Trump (Photo by AFP)

While Trump’s supporters are calling for an end to the protests in schools, Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor and a senior adviser to Trump, caused more outrage when he called campus protesters “spoiled crybabies” last week.

Trump himself tried to downplay the protests first, saying the protesters were “incited” by the media and were afraid “because they don’t know me.” However, he changed his tone later on, commending the protesters for what he called their “passion for our great country.”

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  1. “The protesters also denounced Trump’s proposed policies against Muslims, women and minorities.”

    Wait till they finally figure the jews’ ENTRENCHED POLICIES against everyone BUT jews.

    Stupid sheeple.

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