Global Genocide by King of the Jews – Israel – Abraham Burla

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(Jan. 27, 2022)—The Sephardic rabbinical Burla family has been near royalty in Palestine since the 1700s. They conspired with the bankers Rothschild, Churchills and the Board of Deputies of British Jews in the mid-1800s to make Israel a British colony masquerading as a Jewish state. 

Zionism was a wholly British creation. The Burla rabbis had often written romantically about a re-formed Zion (Eretz Israel), so the British Rothschilds funded developments of all kinds in Palestine with the proviso that the British were in charge.

The Burla rabbis in Jerusalem did not hide their eagerness to say “yes, yes, yes” to the Churchill-Montefiore (Rothschild) pretext letters starting on June 14, 1841.

For this cooperation, the Rothschilds’ commercial interests promised by the Burlas benefit to this very day. If you doubt, just investigate Genie Oil and Gas. If you doubt, just investigate Genie Oil and Gas that is owned by Jacob Rothschild, Bill Richardson, Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Mary Landrieu, Larry Summers, Jim Woolsey (former C.I.A. director).

For the Burla’s Rothschild sycophancy the world is paying dearly through the Pfizer pharmacide of their current favorite son, Israel-Abraham Burla (aka Albert Burla).

The Pfizer pharmacide has a parallel set of interlocked relationships to the British, German and Austrian aristocracy. Indeed, Charles Pfizer (1824-1906) was born in the same Baden-Wurttemberg district of Germany as Klaus Schwab and his Escher Wyss & Co. Nazi collaborator father Eugen Schwab (Ravensburg).

Schwab and Escher Wyss were also allied with British and American nuclear traitors in the OSS (Office of Strategic Services, the precursor to the C.I.A., controlled since inception in 1946 by British MI6). See also the inaugural kickoff meeting on Mar. 11, 1946, six days later.

In Zurich, Switzerland, just 100 miles south of Charles Pfizer’s hometown, Anthony Fauci’s great great grandfather Raget Abys (1790-1861) was the Secretary of War in the new Swiss republic he helped found, along with founding the ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) (that Schwab attended), Credit Suisse and Swiss Life.

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8 thoughts on “Global Genocide by King of the Jews – Israel – Abraham Burla

  1. Thanks, Hal. That’s some history there. So long they have been in the planning on fully owning us. Must be really upsetting to them to know we’re not letting them.


  2. Thank you for posting this, Hal! May be one of the most important articles written in the last ten years, and the truth is undeniable.

    Also good to know that “patriotic” Supreme Court justice, Gorsuch, is in fact a traitor. I wonder if Trumptards will ever know that Gorsuch is a Rothschild puppet after all (getting some Pilgrims Society award).

  3. I’m sorry guys but this is false. Zionism is NOT a British creation and Israel is not a colony of Britain. Zionism is the ideology of jews themselves creating a homeland that orthodox jews believe would only happen when a supposed messiah comes. It in no way was a British thing as the rothschilds are not British either. The zionist organizations brought the US and others into ww1 to aid the British who were losing to Germany, not the other way around. Ask yourself who pays homage to who in all your years of knowledge on this topic. Which organizations infiltrate and influence which nation. This article makes me very suspicious as I’ve seen stuff like this before deflecting from the root cause and making the zionist jews look like scapegoats for Britain or the US. Just think of who benefits.

    1. “It in no way was a British thing as the rothschilds are not British either.”

      Absolutely correct, and then again not correct.
      The House of Windsor is German.
      The House of Rothschild is German. The Rothschild family is a wealthy Ashkenazi Jewish family originally from Frankfurt. The term Ashkenazi refers to a group of Jews who lived in the Rhineland valley and in neighboring France before their migration eastward to Slavic lands (e.g., Poland, Lithuania, and Russia) after the Crusades (11th–13th century).
      In the Balfour Declaration, it was Britain who pretended they could give a part of Palestine to their Jewish brethren.
      It is the monarchies, the crowned heads of Europe, and the Rothchilds are related through the German blood. They are all Zionists and are trying to do right now what Albert Pike said they would do, and that is take back the United States and subjugate our people. They are, as family and extended family, the Zionist empire that intends to rule this world and enslave every goddamn human being on it that is not them. This is why the monarchies must fall, and the Rothchilds are a part of the monarchies.

    2. Jamal, I think they were all working in tandem, and the crown egged on the zios in that cruel effort to “reclaim the motherland.” There were also many cryptos running about. We might call them The Balfour Buddies. Some may refer to Iz as “a British colony,” but the agenda and the money was all mixed together. Who can give every detail, but at least today we know who’s in charge, even with name changes and denials. As I understand it, the whole thing was mostly about gaining a strong-hold in the mid-east, very close to a lot of oil. World domination was always the pact. I do not see any painting of the jews as “scapegoats for Britain.” They’re not only Balfour Buddies, but BED BUDDIES as well. Just my take and not claiming supreme knowledge on the subject. Ha! Learning, always learning. 🙂


    3. I too have conflicting thoughts on this article, which is why I wanted all here to see it.
      There seems a lot of info via PDFs, and whatnot which I haven’t got to.
      If its bunk, it’s bunk.
      If we learn something because of it, a good thing.
      This is why it was sent to Henry and Laura.
      Every now and then it’s tough being the village idiot 🙂

  4. The love of money and the power that goes with it is the root of all evil! It goes not only to common mankind but to the filthy rich who rules nations with WHATEVER means possible including the health chaos in the world. Say it Loud!!

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