Global Warming – Ten Degrees Colder Than Normal

The New Boston Tea Party

Yes, the global warmers – climate change aficionados have gone into hibernation. With provocative statements by none other than Mayor DiBlasio ( a think tank know it all legend in his own mind) the Kool Aid  imbibers are pumping co2’s into the atmosphere faster than Mount St. Helens.  What has caused them to do this – we thought all along they would be going green, but Mother Nature through an icicle into their plans; they too love to be warm at heart. With temperatures plummeting to all time lows, even Washington D.C, the heart of the Mean Green Machine, saw a minus 4 below, thirty degrees lower than the coldest it has ever been on February 23. Is a new ice age upon us, that is the question asked by millions who are literally “dying” to understand their fate.  

A report by the New York City Panel on Climate Change predicts that average temperatures could jump nearly 9 degrees, rainfall could increase 13% and sea levels would increase by over two feet, meaning the daily high tides in places like Queens would cause daily flooding.

We bet that the books  in Vegas and London would love to take the punter’s money on this one. Stayed tuned, 36 years to go for doomsday. The Day After Tomorrow is perhaps a scenario that may be taken more seriously if the cold wave persists.

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2 thoughts on “Global Warming – Ten Degrees Colder Than Normal

  1. That’s OK. I’m sure the Communist assholes will twist it all and say, “See! With your help and effort, we are winning the war on Global Warming. But we must continue with the path if our planet is to stay this way.”

    Wouldn’t surprise me. After all, they can say anything and get away with it these days.

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