Good Health to all the Militia

The chaparral herb in the Bundy videos is growing in abundance on their ranch.  It is also known as greasewood.  It is one of the best antioxidants in the world along with being a natural antibiotic, antifungal etc.  It is used for common colds, tumors/cancer, gall bladder stones, kidney stones and a huge number of other ailments.   It is very a powerful detoxifier and must be used starting with small amounts like a cup of tea a day.  Increase it as tolerated.

It can be cleaned by soaking in the sink for 20 min in plain water with a squeeze of lemon juice and  ½ tsp. of Celtic sea salt.  A large amount of chaparral can be cleaned in this way. Rinse with plain water and dry on a towel.   Place  a small piece about two inches in a cup and fill with boiling water and cover for 10 min and drink.  

Also, it can be used for a foot soak for fungus and other rashes, bad teeth etc.  One can look it up on the net for other uses.   It is free out there on the ranch and it is one of nature’s very best.

It would do the militia well to drink a cup per day as a prophylactic.

Also,  I have lived in the desert many years and for 20yrs have never had a clothes dryer.  Clothes dry on a line in less time for a dryer to dry them.   The sun is a great sterilizer as well.

The health benefits of the Chaparral Herb includes its blood-cleansing and anti-tumor effects.

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The plant of the chaparral herb is native to and commonly found in the desert regions of southwestern United States and Mexico. The chaparral plant is named theLarrea tridentatein honor of the 18th century Spaniard Juan Antonio Hernandez de Larrea, a patron of science.

Common names of chaparral plants include “greasewood” and “creosote bush”.

Medicinal properties and uses of chaparral

The Indian remedy was used to deal with conditions such as arthritis,colds, rheumatism, skin sores and wounds, urinary infections, tuberculosis, etc.

The chaparral herb is said to have analgesic, expectorant, as well as strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Chaparral is also said to have high antioxidant content, which can protect one against the cell damage which leads to cancer. Some studies on laboratory rats suggest that chaparral does inhibit the growth of tumors, while the treated animals also survived significantly longer than the ones in the control group.

Pharmacology manuals state that chaparral contains Nordihydroguaiaretic acid. In the Merck Manual, a highly regarded medical book, this chemical is listed as an anti-oxidant, and its therapeutic category is an “anti-neoplastic”. Broadly, an anti-neoplastic is defined as “an agent that prevents the development, growth and proliferation of malignant cells”.

Chaparral is a good body and blood purifier. Dr Schulze describes the herbs in his Detox Formula as “classic and traditional blood and lymph cleansing tonics and the ones that I used successfully for many years in my clinic”.

Modes of use

Chaparral leaf and the twigs of the plant are used to make chaparral tea, an old Indian remedy.

Today, chaparral also forms a part of several famousherbal formulas, such as the Hoxey Formula, Dr Richard Schulze’s Detox Formula, as well asJason Winter’s Tea.

A word of caution here – chaparral is very strong tasting, and many people find it rather unpleasant to consume.

Caution when using chaparral

Currently, chaparral is banned in the United States as the authorities say it has toxic effects on the liver. This, in my view, is quite laughable as the herb continues to be used by many people in many countries, on its own or as part of the herbal formulas mentioned above, to good effect. I drink it myself. This kind of irony in fact exists for many types of herbs.

It is possible that the claimed isolated cases of liver damage, if any at all, were due to the strong detoxification effects of the herb increasing the load on the liver, above what it could handle.

In one article which I had read, it was claimed that a woman who had taken chaparral supplements and then suffered liver damage, was in fact also consuming large amounts of prescription drugs. Of course, the blamed was squarely placed on the chaparral herb, with no mention of the drugs made at all.

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9 thoughts on “Good Health to all the Militia

  1. Ya know what Dorothy, that is what this is all about what it is about. Very good. I used to be very good with this old fashioned medicine. yea still remember some of it but this is really good stuf. I wish people were as open minded in my area 15 or so years ago with these good herbals. I actually used to sell a lot of these good herbals like this back then till the PTB started to mess with me.
    Yea Dorothy, I know these herbal things work because even the med doctors think that I would have been dead many years ago if I wasn`t a practitioner of herbal med.s.
    VERY GOOD INFO Dorothy Thanks. 😉 appreciated 😉
    Remember that just because it is a legal herbal sibstance that it is very potent substance even though you may not feel it working, but it is working 😉 it is .
    YEA GUYs herbal meds are awsome to say the least. Puts modern day meds to shame !!!

  2. “It would do the militia well to drink a cup per day as a prophylactic.”

    I’m sure I’m not the only one who had to read this twice, because I always thought a prophylactic was a condom, so I looked it up.

    prophylactic – 1. defending or protecting from disease or infection, as a drug. 2. preventive or protective – n 3. Med. a prophylactic medicine or measure.

    So yes, the militia should drink this stuff, even though definition #5 says it can be a condom too.

  3. “Currently, chaparral is banned in the United States as the authorities say it has toxic effects on the liver.”

    Chaparral is banned in the US, yet it is still allowed to grow. Kinda like Marijuana in some places. 😉

    1. I use to be able to order Chaparal but I think I still can get so get ahold of me if ya want and I can hook ya up with a good herbal legal place with good prices and quality brother 😉
      Just because it is banned doesnt mean that ya cannot get it or get arested for it — remember that they cannot arrest ya for a banned substance bro!!
      the bastards can only confiscate it . Cheap F`ers
      They can F off in my books as ya`l know me by now

    2. This is one way they try to scare us off using herbal medicine.

      Pharmaceuticals are bad for your liver! And aspartame is bad for your brain! Jeez….

      yes, it is true though that you need to know how to use the herbs safely and know what you are doing. But many herbs are powerful medicines and safe when used as the whole herb as nature intended. This info is available. Dig, and you will find it. I also think chaparral is available to purchase.

  4. We call that a creosote bush out here in the desert. It’s the most common plant ever….there is a creosote bush every 20 feet when you go for a walk with the dog. I once read that this bush puts down a herbicide so other plants won’t grow close to it. It must be true because nothing grows near them. A word of warning if you plan on becoming “Survivor Man” overnight. Wild plants can kill you in a heart beat.

  5. Thank you Digger! I drink this and my blood work comes back perfect. If it didn’t work then they would not have banned it. To each his or her own.

  6. The communist Jews are creating a tailor made battlefield for us to fight on. THEY will have all of the advantages, knowing when to fight, what equipment they will use and number of men they will need. I’ve done what the talk show militias has told me to do, bought guns, ammunition, food, camouflage uniforms, gas masks and “other” equipment. When and “if” our ZOG government massacres the militia at the Bundy ranch we will return the favor and attack nation wide……WON’T WE? I can’t wait to start dropping the enforcers of ZOG and then going after ZOG itself.

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