Gov Schools to Become Anti-Gun Political Platforms Thanks to Neo-Marxist Organization – by Paul Gordon

All across America, thousands of publicly funded schools, government schools, have decided to open their doors to the neo-Marxist organization known as the Women’s March, a highly partisan, far-left radical organization.

They have opened their doors and allowed this organization to “aid” students in staging a “National School Walkout” in protest of your ability to own and possess effective means of self-defense.  

To put in terms that these far-left radicals would rather you not hear, they are organizing your children, using your stolen wealth (school taxes), to march in favor of a police state, to march against your ability to acquire and possess tools of self-defense, guns.

Many schools received letters such as this:

Good afternoon. This is (name) principal of (Name) Middle School. As many of you have probably heard, the Women’s March organizers are encouraging students to participate in a national school walkout on Wednesday, March 14th, to protest gun violence.

That line alone “the Women’s March Organizers are encouraging students,” reveals that the organization behind this is the Women’s March.  This means that the public schools have allowed representatives of that highly partisan group to go into their schools and aid students in organizing a protest against your ability to defend yourself against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

They do so under the guise of protecting the children from ‘gun violence.’  Let me speak more plainly so you take in the full vulgarity of the tactics these far-left radicals are deploying, tactics the government schools are openly aiding and abetting in strengthening.

The far-left radicals of the Women’s March are using psychological terrorism to traumatize your children into not only accepting, but demanding, that you have your tools of self-defense taken from you.

It appears that the far-left radicals of the Women’s March love the police state more than they love your children.  They appear prepared to sacrifice their psychological well-being to achieve their end, to disarm any resistance to their dream of a complete police state where their particular perverted morality can be forced upon you, with government guns.

The letter continues with a lie, a lie that is made obvious by the admission in the beginning of who is behind organizing this protest of your ability to acquire and possess tools of self-defense:

This walkout is a student-led event that will be monitored by staff to promote safety, accountability, and appropriate behavior.

No, liars, this walkout is not student-led, it is being led by well-funded neo-Marxists, the organizers of the Women’s March.

In addition to this lie, this line also admits that school resources will be brought to bear to aid these children in conducting a protest against your ability to acquire and possess tools of self-defense, a protest that is being organized by the neo-Marxists behind the Women’s March.

The school is also allowing the neo-Marxists to use another favorite tactic of tyrants, social pressure.  The narrative is that they are simply trying to protect the children from the epidemic of gun violence that is threatening their very lives.  As I stated above, this is psychological terrorism that is already damaging our children.  But beyond the terrorism, the tactic relies on social pressure to get as many kids as possible to participate in this event.  This peer pressure produces an over-bloated display of “support” for the state to take your tools of self-defense.

After all, who would want to be seen not standing up in support of protecting the children? You don’t want to be called a child hater, do you?  Of course, ironically, those who support a further consolidation of force power by the state are ultimately the ones who hate children.

Those who use psychological terrorism to produce govzombies who will demand that they, along with their parents, be stripped of their ability to provide any real resistance to tyranny are the ones who truly hate children.

Numerous stories of children telling their parents they plan on participating to avoid being ostracized by their peers have been shared across social media.  Other children are confessing they are participating merely because it gets them out of the classroom.

If you choose not to protest my ability to acquire and possess tools of self-defense (to protect you from an epidemic of violence that is not real), then you will be given the option of continuing your studies in class.

How many children, unless they are BOTH strongly convicted and STRONGLY resistant of peer pressure, will choose not to take part in this support of the police state and this resistance to empowering individuals and free associations?

In this particular email, the principle of the school added this odd statement about what a “peaceful protest” is, omitting the part that this peaceful protest is anything but, as its aim is to trigger home invasions by government agents for the purpose of confiscating tools of self-defense to make children feel safer from a threat that doesn’t exist:

A peaceful protest, also known as nonviolent resistance or nonviolent action, is the act of expressing disapproval through a statement or action without the use of aggression or violence. Some of you participated in this type of protest today in the form of a walkout. This type of protest has been used to advocate for a number of different causes including human rights issues, anti-war campaigns, and expressing disapproval of various political/governmental policy issues. Some general methods are boycotting certain products, participating in a march or a sit-in, displaying a particular symbol, and handing out flyers. day.

To all the School District Superintendents and School Principles that chose to allow their schools to become political platforms begging for the police state and crying out against the empowerment of individuals and free associations, I would urge you to resign your posts immediately as, within the parameters of your own alleged republican democracy, you have violated the law by utilizing public funds and resources to stage a highly partisan political rally aimed at disarming the American people so that the police state may more completely rise.

Your demonstrated display of willingly using children as human shields to protect your dangerous support of the police state, using your taxpayer-funded positions as School Superintendents and Principles, should be more than enough for any school board to remove you from position.

The #Enough School Walkout is Staged by the Women’s March and Planned Parenthood- PROOF

One thought on “Gov Schools to Become Anti-Gun Political Platforms Thanks to Neo-Marxist Organization

  1. You know what?? Parents are partially to blame for allowing the communist indoctrination to continue.

    Either get your kid out of the public school system, or get your ass to the principal’s office and explain to the commie bastard that this isn’t the Soviet Union.

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