Gov SWAT Teams Target “Rugged Individuals” Who Grow Their Own Food, Produce Their Own Electricity

natsSHTF Plan – by Mac Slavo

The dream of many Americans is to get out of the hustle and bustle of the daily city grind. And what better dream to have then to move your family outside of city limits to the countryside so that you can grow your own food, produce your own electricity with solar power, and live outside the purview of an ever expanding government apparatus?  

That was the goal for hundreds of residents living on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Many own their land outright and have been living on it for decades without so much as a peep from their local government. They’ve built their homes using whatever means they had available to them. They planted their own fruits and vegetables. They even set up their own personal power production stations using solar panels and miniature wind farms.

And they’ve lived peacefully without violating the rights of those around them and leaving a very small “carbon footprint” to boot. For all intents and purposes, they achieved a life of independence and freedom.

But the tentacles of tyranny are everywhere and no one is protected from their grasp.

Recently, agents of the Los Angeles county government started paying visits to these rugged individualists. They claimed they were “here to help,” as one resident puts it. But, as is generally the case when the government comes knocking, they were there for exactly the opposite.

What was once a dream come true for many quickly turned into the new American nightmare.

Code enforcement agents for the county showed up in droves. But they didn’t come alone. Along with them came heavily armed “Nuisance Abatement Teams” who raided the homes and land of these peaceful residents as they would those of a terrorist.

(Pictured: Armored Nuisance Abatement Team – similar vehicles are in use across the United States)

The collection of rugged individualists who [want to live here] are being chased away.

Last year the county began performing unannounced inspections on his property.

Gallow says he cooperated with the county – clearing brush, then moving his shed, then getting rid of his motor home.

Finally, the county made a demand that shocked him.

“They told me… you have to get off the property. I said get off the property?’ They said ‘yeah, you can’t live here.’ ”

Gallow says county officials told him that neighbors, whom they would not identify, had complained about unsightly structures on his property.

He could keep his land, they told him, but would not be allowed to live on it.

“I said, for what? My closest neighbor is half a mile away. We’re not living in Beverly Hills here, this is my home. All of sudden you got police at my front door – bullet proof vests, guns, and then they surrounded the place. Everything I worked for was just melting away from me.”

“I don’t know where I’m going to go.”

Mr. Gallow is not alone. County enforcement officials with militarized Nuisance Abatement Teams in tow have made similar threats to other residents, ordering them to destroy everything on their properties and to get off their own land.

Watch this shocking, yet unsurprising account of the plight of these Americans who want nothing more than to be left alone:

In the new America, everyone is criminal.

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14 thoughts on “Gov SWAT Teams Target “Rugged Individuals” Who Grow Their Own Food, Produce Their Own Electricity

  1. Sounds like the town should make a trip to these politicians homes and demand an evicition of terrorist living within our borders creating laws that are in violation of our God giving Constitutional rights.

    What a crock of shit……….

    1. A person who loses their home/way of life that is not bothering others does not have much to lose.I believe there will be openings made in these abatement teams but those in local govt. that order this nonsense could also pay a high price,as I believe they should.

  2. Yes, I know exactly what them guys are sayin as the town where I live is trying to do tha to me also. Anyway, when I bought my 5 acres back in `95 I paid $1250. 00 for it plus about $35.00 for driveway, mound septic system, my well for water, etc. Across from me was 200+ acres of prime white pine woods about 80 years old. Anyway the owner got the bright idea in his head to sell off building sites – here you have to have 5 acres to build on – this guy is getting between $20000.00 – $25000 for a acre, times that for five acres and he is getting between $100000 and $125000 for just a building site, and that doesn`t even include building permits, driveway permits, septic, well or anything else, that includes just the plain old land. They want me to loose my land so they can come in and extort me for my land knowing I do have the money to fight them. yea, I have been told by some freinds that I pissed off the Good Old Boys Club in the area if ya all know what the Good Old Boys Club is all about. They are not much different than the G Damned f`n Masons. They know thatI am getting old and probobly not realy able to move because of finances so therefor I would probobly end up in some damned nurseing home of which will not happen if ya know what I mean. Yes, when the SHTF it is gonna be one hell of a fight, the shit will be flying to be sure. God I hope those guys in the video stand tall and fight the low lifes that are trying to screw them over.

    1. Dan,find out who will profit off of stealing from you,those are the enemy.The only way would give out if a reasoned argument could be made,say,James,we need your land to divert potential floods,,would demand higher then normal market value and moving expenses but that could convince me,done just for a monetary profit,well,those bankrolling the deal/profit thieves are the target,that would be my tipping point as am sure would be for many.I guess short term the best you can do is flood em with paperwork,find a unemployed attorney that will work for next to nothing,that doesn’t work,well…best of luck hunting season.

      1. Oh yes James, I know exactly who is responsible as they sent me a bill of I believe it was for $300.00 that I just do not have. I threw the bill out – actually I used the paper for starting my wood heater, 😆 – but I saved the page two because on page two are 7 names of the ones responsible for this bs they are doing. Oh yes I know who they are and where they live. HEHEHE yea, I told every one I know who they are also. They will have a very hard life if they keep on pursueing this crap. Actually there is a cop that is one of them that lives across the street from me – all of a sudden he has a for sale sign in front of this nice house. I may not have much as for money, but I sure can stir up a hornets nest – in other ways – and ruin their lives with those in the Good Old Boys Club to say the least. I am amazed that they haven`t eliminated me yet as to how much they hate me and how much they know that I truely hate them pukes. Like those in the article , this isn`t about fun and games, this is serious business and they know it………… I suppose that they figure that those in the video – as well as me with what is going on here – will find a card board box and a heating vent at some business for free heat and shelter. 🙁

        1. Dan,would record all that is happening and give to a few friends on disc ect.,though unlikely I suppose you could have a “accident”.You do have friends dump all material on net BEFORE giving to local news and alt media,perhaps someone will pick up and investigate,and,at least friends have a few ideas next hunting season,good luck.

          1. Thanks James, there is nothing to record – atleast not untill the shtf anyway, and then all hell is gonna break loose. I truely believe that they are the ones that killed my dog – ya know, that semi trained schutzhund rottweiller that I talk about every now and then – he was my very best freind and body guard to say the least. Somebody murderd him and I aim to find out because somebody will slip up eventually and it will get back to me to pas judgement on the guilty party. People get really quiet in town every time I bring that up. I think they think the cops did that too, but I want the real one that killed my dog, not some disposible dirty cop. You know what I`m sayin` as most people here do.

  3. I have been saying for years that we in the United States of America own nothing, we merely rent from the government. The powers that be do not want self-sufficient people living in this country. A tyrant wants complete control over the land and the slaves that dwell upon it. If people think these Nuisance Abatement Teams operate like terrorists, just wait until the teams come around to round-up people into the FEMA camps.

    1. Sun,they start rounding up the people(hope it doesn’t happen)they will be in for a big surprise.As I have said,when you really have nothing to lose a large amount of people will say”F$#k It!”,then will be very interesting and ugly.

  4. I read about this two or three yrs. ago but could never find current updates.
    Some of the homes were very attractive, creative, and artistic. How could
    so-called neighbors complain about something they can’t even see.
    One should see some of the dwellings up here in the Appalachians
    right next to upscale homes. You can bet your life this is about the money.
    They want that land. Nothing but a bunch of mafia. Unbelievable.
    Where’s the Militia when you need them.

    1. Yep its the money…the land in the “Blue-Ridge” used to be dirt cheap. Not good for farming or industry…way to primitive…….NOT NOW.
      Now you may pay $ 175,000 to 250,000 for an acre of what “They” now call prime Mnt. Lots. More so over around the Blowing Rock area…….I came 60 miles back into the Piedmont and bought rural wooded land for 1,800 an acre, got way to crowded up on the “ridge” for me. Too many damn Yankee’s and Yuppies.

      1. The same with the Wolf Laurel area. The rich
        liberals/Yankees invaded this area with a fancy
        country club and million dollar seasonal homes.
        The generational locals I have talked with despise
        them and say the invaders make them feel like they
        are the implants and are mere trash. Some locals
        tried to sabotage the construction sites to no avail.

        1. Yup…know what ya mean….could tell a similar story here my friend…..locals get looked at like trash and yankee new home owners pass tax laws we cant afford anymore….vote in all the new rainbow and coalition crap…….had to move from the homestead…….I’m good here the least until they have a desire for pig shit…and Poultry houses.

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