Grassroots Occupy Movement Scores Victory on May Day

It was coordinated campaign.  The FBI had been working for months to orchestrate the false flag attack on the bridge in Ohio and the CIA and Mossad came in right on cue with envelopes with white powder in them sent to the banks.  Of course the explosives in Ohio were made out of play dough and the powder in the envelopes was corn starch.  The third phase of the plan consisted of communist agitators being put in place in major cities across the country.

The mainstream propagandists did their part in coming on hot and heavy, showing huge protests from around the world and predicting the same in the United States.  And then it fizzled.  The soviet socialists’ plan to hijack the Occupy Movement was a dismal failure and this is why.

This movement was started at the grass roots by the long term unemployed known as 99ers.  We are the American people of the American race and we hate soviet socialism/communism every bit as much as we hate national socialism, thus the socialists’ plans failed.

The protests were pathetic.  In Seattle, the only ones who showed up were the anarchists, about a hundred soviet socialists, breaking windows and slashing tires.  And indeed across the country the predicted tens of thousands were only tens and hundreds.

Did everyone notice how fast CNN backed off the story when it became evident that what they wanted to portray as Obama’s socialist army, turned out to be nothing more than a couple thousand communist agitators?

So where were the crowds that make up the grassroots Occupy Movement?  Well the fact is we have been omnipresent all along and making a big noise at the Ron Paul rallies.  You see the neo-con hijacking of the Tea Party taught us a lesson in how to prevent the elite from seizing our power.

You can see the frustration on the faces of the media puppets as they fail time and again to slap a label on the Occupy cause.  Why?  Because the grassroots Occupy Movement has refused to allow a command structure to be put in place.

The Tea Party hijacking showed us that the corporate elite, whether national socialists or soviet socialists, simply infiltrate their agents into a cause and use their money to put up a command and control structure consisting of traitors that then become the voice for the enemy of the cause.

In the case of the grassroots Occupy Movement the people were already united on the internet as the 99ers (long term unemployed).  And when we started our email campaigns, the soviet socialist labor unions saw our numbers and determination.  They then attempted to change what was in reality the 99er movement into the 99% movement by sending their soviet socialist infiltrators into our ranks.

As previously mentioned, this strategy has failed miserably.  You see the majority of the long term unemployed, hence the 99ers, are baby boomers.  We were culled from the work force because we had reached the top of our pay scales and it was a boondoggle for the corporate elite when they took our jobs and gave them to the Chinese, the Indians, and the South Koreans.  The elite figured once they knocked us out of the middle class and drove us into deep poverty that we would embrace socialism in an act of revenge.  What they failed to realize is the era in which we were raised.

When we were children in school, we were taught the truth, that communism is evil and that the communists would be attempting to infiltrate and take over our country.  50,000 of us died in Viet Nam in defiance of the spread of communism. Of course that war, like every war, was a lie as in the end, after 50,000 had died and the last contract had been fulfilled, the traitors posing as our government embraced the communists.  But we didn’t.

We know who they are and we know what they are.  We also know what has been taken from us and who took it.

Listen up corporate elite; I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I think you already know.  The grassroots Tea Party and the grassroots Occupy Movement are one in the same.  The only pretense of division is that being put forth through your propaganda machine and like everything else you are doing, it is being rejected as enemy operations.

We have become a nightmare that the international elite did not see coming.  We are an army in the millions, consisting of individuals who will not accept a command structure.  If you are to settle with us, either at the polls or on the battlefield, you are going to have to settle with each and every one of us, individually.

We represent an army such as no other ever seen on this planet.  This army will not be brought together in one place under a single command where it can be destroyed.   We are 40 million heavily armed American men with 40 million armed American women standing beside us, we are scattered out over 3.79 million square miles, and we take orders from no one.

American people of the American race, our enemies have tipped their hand.  Yesterday we saw just how pathetically weak their numbers are.  This is why they are bringing in foreign troops, which is just going to result in nothing more than those foreign troops being slaughtered.  This is our home, our mountains, hills, and valleys.  The foreign troops who come here will not be going home as we will not let them leave.  Their blood will serve as a warning to any in the future who might want to contemplate invading the United States of America.

We are the American people of the American race.  We are the grassroots Tea Party and the grassroots Occupy Movement united.  You ask how I could know this.  Well because I am both, every inch of the way.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

20 thoughts on “Grassroots Occupy Movement Scores Victory on May Day

  1. After reading your article, I seem to be swelling with pride! I hope the corrupt powers that be read this article and realize their time is coming to an end. Keep up the good work. Take care…

  2. The Entity calling itself the US is an “abomination”, a blight if you will on a land that was inhabited by millions of peaceful civilized people.
    Those innocents are now locked in a violent, inebriated, reservation bound, last gasp struggle for life.

    The US burnt,pillaged,hacked,raped,and murdered itself into existence. It has prevailed to this day with those very same, insane ideas that are at the base of its debased, disgusting and biased apartheid loving presence.

    The US is the root cause of the degeneration of the whole human race.
    Without a by your leave. It steam rolls its way over the masses of the world. Droning, Kidnapping, water boarding, quantitative easing, napalming and nuking as it passes. Behind it is left nothing but millions of Afghan. Iraqi, Libyan, Pakistani, Syrian, Nigerian, Palestinian, war victims.

    200 years of the US has sickened the universe. There will be a reckoning, and it will not be pretty. Push leads to shove. With the US doing all the pushing until today. There is a lot of shove heading back, and the last time I looked I am sure that it was karma. That always has the last laugh.

    1. I can agree, so long as you separate the “Entity” from we the people, who through 230 years of interbreeding, I think it is safe to say that the American people of the American race represent the native American oppressed today.
      There will be a reckoning between we the people and those who have seized our country, and the rest of the world had better stay out of it if they know what is good for them because if they do not we will unleash our nuclear arsenal on them.

  3. There’s now no other option but our 2nd Revolution.
    Hail the victorious dead who previously tried to warn us. We’ll fight for them as well as our country, our freedom and our very lives.

  4. I hope the US people realize that they are complicit in the actions of their so called elected leaders.
    The cries from said people as the false flag events of yesteryear have unfolded have always been for revenge and NEVER for reconciliation.
    This revenge has generally befallen. Poor non whites whom it was safe to slaughter at long distances. Scalp, dismember and sell their body parts for souvenirs. Whilst hypocritically pronouncing the US desire for peace.
    Whilst culling the non pink persons abroad was classed as cool.
    It has always been cooler for the US to destroy indigenous non whites, segregate them in ghettos and deny them even the most basic of rights.

    The US is a candidate for the worst karmic violations in the universe.
    Even now with perdition closing in from all sides. Do the people of this “entity” refuse to join with the world. Sure of their exceptional uniqueness, and through force of arms insulated, and blinded do they continue on with their selfish wasteful “American way of life”.

    Reconcile with us. Stop thinking you are all there is, and realize that we all live on the same “mud ball”, only then may you escape some of the severe blows that life metes out to the bully.

    Wishful thinking on my part perhaps, but you can never tell.

    1. Many of us on this site are of Native American blood. I agree with Henry that after 230 years of interbreeding, we are now all members of the American people of the American race. In the old days of this site, we all put the state/city where we reside after our names so we could possibly unite and organize. I’m just curious… Where are you from? Some of your writing reads as if you don’t reside in this country (not that it makes a difference). No offense meant. You do bring up some valid points.

    2. What a lot of people do not realize is that we still haven’t completely rid ourselves of inert evil that is the British Crown. These are the original fathers of slavery in our country and through the Masonic Lodges and their Zionist infiltrators in our government, they represent the rot that needs to be cut away. Maybe this time we will truly get rid of the British scourge.

    3. The people of the USA just want what our forefathers fought for. Nothing more, nothing less. We like our piece of the mud ball, and nobody is going to take it away from us. Sure we are guilty of some horrendous crimes. This is what happens when you have scum bags trying to steal the wealth from the rightful owners of said property.

      This garbage will be dealt with once and for all, hopefully sooner than later. The American people of the American race want their property back. We don’t give a rats ass about foreigners who think otherwise. George Soros is another one of the scum bags who have caused human tragedy. I noticed you never mentioned that piece of human excrement in your post.

  5. Good work. The elites need to realize that their plans will not come to fruition. The elites are in a bind. They KNOW that for them to win they MUST take our guns away–but when they try that, the so-called 70 percent that is just going along to get along will know absolutely what the elites are doing and then that moment we have all been waiting for–the great American masses finally wake up to prepare to do something about it all–will happen, period, end of story. When that happens, the elites are toast, and they know it.

  6. To be confronted by the opinions of others of the world, and to have explained to oneself. That maybe a few bad old habits should be given up, is painful.

    No one person or country likes criticism. It is truly unfortunate that those who have reached the highest standards for freedom (US constitution). Should so blithely walk away from them. In exchange for a unreasoning, gigantic, national security state.

    The US person is by no means special in every way. To be special one must be outstanding, but then again you are right that you are outstanding in certain areas. These being. The largest debt in history, The most menacing lethal military machine conceived in modern times. The most security agencies on the globe. The highest percentage of prisoners world wide. The country with the world record of illegal aerial bombardments on other states The only country officially known to have nuked civilians. The largest rogue Empire in known history. The list is endless. I must therefore concede that the US is exceptional at the things it does best. These however have generally been of the negative kind. This kind of effort draws attention from the fates (karma). The fates always ruin “exceptional” arrogance (The Titanic is unsinkable, mindset). Forest fires, floods, earth quakes, volcanoes, tornadoes and drought follow swiftly. If these warnings are not heeded, woe betide the heedless.

    Change could be achieved with a few honest and decent men. The US could free herself, from herself, for herself. Ending servitude to domestic and foreign non US interests. George Soros springs to mind (: As do Israel and others who are feeding off the life blood of the people.

    Cast aside your weapons of mas destruction. There is no other who can, wishes, or dares to face you on the field of battle. Join with us now. Let us forget the past. Perhaps then we can then build a new world. A world without the old world order.

    1. Everything you said is true. But the monsters at the top reside in Great Britain, as in that retched old crone sitting on the throne. We are a peaceful people, unless provoked. The thought of a total nuclear disarmament at this point in history must be considered entering the realms of pure fantasy.
      We will fight because we must. We will define who we the people are and when the American nationalists take over, we will expel all foreigners, after which we will live in peace within our own house.
      The rest of the world will have to make its own decisions and we wish them well, but make no mistake, once the restitution of our Republic has occurred, God help any outsiders that presents themselves as a threat to our internal peace.

  7. I’ve got some jam to apply with the butter…! Also the monsters at the top are of that European Dynasty, centuries old with one purpose in mind… that is to own and control the entire sphere and all the inhabitants thereof. Century after century this dynasty has tried to take dominion but the “new world” (not to be confused w/New World Order), since its inception has been in its way, and I believe to them this is their major desparate effort before HIS return. This grandma loves her place here where she was born and raised, will protect the Lord’s sovereignty to all people, the individual. For I know that in order to have and maintain His peace… one must be prepared for war!

  8. I have a question for you. When you write ” All foreigners will be expelled are you speaking of all non indigenous ( whites). Where will you send them (Alaska)? . There is little room for so many disenfranchised people in merry old England.

    Talking of the British. You are correct in stating that it is due to many British intrigues that the US is where she is today. The British policy of “Detente” has often been used to the detriment of others.

    I am not sure if the responsibility lies directly with the queen. I would believe it to be a Rothschild, Rockefeller issue. The money junkies never forgive a slight.

    HRH Regina the queen of England “seems” to be quaint and dear to the heart. Rather like an old porcelain tee service that is barely used, but for very special occasions. She is not “in your face” like the US politicians. Who when compared to her are totally out of their collective (Ron Paul excluded) league. The queen is pure, bridled power in a very reserved (publicly) British manner.
    Of course her heritage is officially (Sachs ) East German bloodline. However there are some suggesting that she is of Human Drake origin (mammal reptilian). I think that HRH could be a huge asset to us. If she could shake off this notion that we are somehow inferior. No man is inferior to any other being. The sooner this fact is accepted the better.

    It is true that the Elites power base resides in “The City” at the heart of London. This place is the seat of the stench. That wafts across the face of the globe. It is here that the policies of divide and conquer, are think tanked. Then dry run. Before being inflicted upon the “worthless eaters”
    of non elite humanity.

    These are truths that we the people agree with. The British person as the US person. Is awakening to very painful realities. In fact the way we have perceived ourselves in the past. Is as remote from the truth as Pluto from the sun.

    I suggest that the talk of war be scaled back. Nobody wishes to interfere with The US citizens right to self determination at least not the normal man in the street.

    The US has very little time to change her ways. Nuclear weapons will not help against the forces of nature. That have awakened due to actions that have scorched their way across countless human lives.
    To be strong is intoxicating, “but with great strength comes great responsibility Peter” .

    1. Very well put, Jo. I take only one exception. The Queen is far more than a figure head, as evidenced by each time she comes to Canada to nullify the will of the Canadian people when they want to change their prime minister.
      Indeed the people of this planet, free of the diabolical international elite, and in possession of the wealth that is theirs through their birthright, could probably get along quite easily. This being said, it sometimes takes savage violence to stay and put down evil. I guess it is just one of those unpleasant chores like putting down a dog that has gone rabid.
      I wish you the best in bringing your country to a status that accomplishes true contentment for your people. We have no wish to harm anyone, but our course has been set and we are going to do what we have to do so that we may again live in peace and prosperity with freedom, liberty, and justice for all of our people.

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