5 thoughts on “Gray State – The Movie THEY did NOT want made

  1. Wow, thanks Deon, powerful. Only falsehoods can come out of corrupt Hollywood. Film-maker has interesting last name. Wonder if there’s any relation to Aleister Crowley. Also wonder if he ties it all in to Jewish banking power. HOLLYWOOD!! So, the film never got done. It would have been intense and told so very much, but in False Hollywood, truth-telling is crushed and sent to the dustbin of time. Fk False Hollywood.


    1. Thanks, Joe. So the film was completed and they’re callin’ the film-maker’s situation a suicide/murder. Hmmm… I will have to try and find the film soon. What a riveting story. But I’m not exactly sure if they’re referring to the original film or the making of it. Will try to figure it out.

      With a few exceptions, brave film-makers, like brave journalists and writers, rarely get to go the distance. Can’t we wait ’till free speech is up and runnin’ again and all the censors done away with.


  2. I haven’t watched this yet, my understanding was the film was never completed but yet its out there on IMDB as Gray State: The Rise with Alex Jones & Mark Dice but I wasn’t able to find it on any of the streaming services. (I guess A&E did their own documentary named ‘A Gray State’?)

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