Gun Registration & Bloomberg Questions? Not Welcome At This Town Hall!

Published on Apr 22, 2014 by LaughingAtLiberals

Oregon senator Ginny Burdick, well known for her support of gun control and registration, rudely ignores a question regarding the similarities between the DMV car “registration” and the ATF Form 4473, which everyone is insisting is not registration. All the while, she enlists 5 armed police officers to escort her and “protect” her from a citizen with a camera asking the tough questions.

Published on Apr 22, 2014 by LaughingAtLiberals

Oregon state Senator Burdick and Rep. Doherty only answer half of a question on gun control, and outright refuse to address the possibility of Michael Bloomberg getting involved in Oregon politics.

Published on Apr 22, 2014 by LaughingAtLiberals

Senator Richard Devlin and Reps Margaret Doherty and Ann Lininger fluff about how to implement Common Core in Oregon.

Published on Apr 22, 2014 by LaughingAtLiberals

Film tax credit = GREAT IDEA, stimulates economy, provides jobs. Corporate kicker = EVIL CORPORATIONS, kills economy, slaughters children and puppies.

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7 thoughts on “Gun Registration & Bloomberg Questions? Not Welcome At This Town Hall!

  1. If she didn’t wants questions to be asked of her she should have stayed out of politics stupid twit ,she works for the public!!!

  2. Did you see her little lesbian lover want to he’s kissing her butt, but when a real human stands up to ask legitimate question she cowers like the freak she is.

    I hate politicians they are the low life scum that grows on stagnate water. It’s time to clean house people, and not with paper.

    What really gets me is the people that work for these low life scum. I will shut up now, they really get my blood boiling.

    1. lmao…. “they really get my blood boiling.”

      I can hear you pounding on the keys form here. You sound like you’re ready to strangle someone.

      1. How funny, I misspelled, it should of been she’s, not he’s!!

        This does get my blood boiling, who in the hell do they think “they” are?? When in the hell did they get the right to ignore people that live in their district. Shit, district, we are in the hunger games.

        This just shows they are all picked, paraded around like they want to work for you, then you “vote”, and the majority picked her. All frickin mind games and all BS. Man the picture just gets clearer and more insane by the day. It is all a game, them vs. US, we are the majority, just gotta wake up the sheep. I was a sheep at one time, I just wish others would WAKE UP. If we could turn the tables they would RUN.

  3. This treasonous Bitch has got a noose w/ her name on it & she know`s it ! w/ the current nature of calling these traitors out , she see the writing on the wall !!!

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