4 thoughts on “The Future is Not What it Used to Be

  1. Yep, don’t forget to wear your pathetic, childish safety helmets when riding your bikes. Don’t want to fall and break your head going less than 5 mph. Safety first!


    Our country is going to be setup in “Hunger Games” districts if We the People don’t fight to change it.

    1. NC, my thoughts about the hunger games, my daughter read the books, and when the movies came out we went to see them. My first thought was, this is what they want to do to us. Right after the first movie, we went to Baton Rouge, the “capitol” and I felt like I was in the movie, grey communist looking buildings, etc. Biometrics for employees, etc. Well guess what the next movie is about the REVOLUTION!!!!! 🙂

  2. I guess they’ll force me to traverse on foot if I cannot have my car. I don’t have good balance on a bicycle at my age. Or maybe a bicycle with a side car for me?

    Gotta have a side car. Otherwise how do you get your stuff back home like groceries, birthday gifts, new clothes and small appliances perhaps etc?
    . . .

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