14 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving From the Trenches!

  1. Thank you, Henry and Laura. What a lovely picture you have selected to show the bounty, the abundance of our earth. Scarcity is a contrived lie and they can stick their supply-chain story up their… Oh, back to the spirit of the holiday. Gotta say I’m thankful for you and the teachings you bring everyday to face the current challenges before us. Also thankful for all the Trenchers. For guns, and for The Bill of Rights. And for Sam Whittemore and all the brave, living and dead, who fought and fight for freedom. WE ARE THE HOLIDAY. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


  2. True thanks for The Shivley’s and The Trenches they created…!

    And Ditto to Galens comment above, men like Sam Whittemore are the reason we are all here in my estimation!

    We have come full circle!

    DTTNWO eternal

  3. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Henry, Laura, Shivley clan and all the Trenchers!

    And let us never forget the turkey holocaust. Remember the 6 gorillian!

  4. Thank you Henry, Laura, and the trenchers family!
    I am also thankful for the shower brushes that reach your back!
    A happy thanksgiving to all!

  5. Thankful for truth, my personal truth to love ones and to all the Trenchers. Thanksgiving is to share. Peace and love

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