Has martial law begun in America? Soldiers & tanks are now the norm on America’s streets


An excellent video compilation, created by David Vose, where he states “If I told the Frog he was Boiling in that water, he wouldn’t believe me. You are the frog and your water temperature is now putting you to sleep.

His reference is a great analogy. We see numerous images of the massive militarization of our local & state police forces, where the line between soldiers and cops no longer exist, battlefield equipment is being used against citizens of America, one event at a time, one protest at a time, until seeing them appears to be the rule rather than the exception to the rule.

Consider the statistics shown at the 4 minute, 19 second mark of the video, which states “SWAT Deployments: 79% Executing Search Warrants; 7% Hostage, Barricade, Active Shooter Scenarios – SWATS primary responsibility as of it’s creation used to be the Hostage, Barricade, Active Shooters events, yet that only accounts for 7% of what they now are being used for.

That is a change of massive proportions, yet treated as the norm.


2 thoughts on “Has martial law begun in America? Soldiers & tanks are now the norm on America’s streets

  1. This overuse and abuse of SWAT will only stop when these SS types are met with resistance. Individual resistance will be quickly overcome and the resister classified by the police and media as a terrorist. To be effective there must be something akin to the Revolutionary Minutemen who monitor and resist, if necessary, the violent use of SWAT. Monitoring police communications would be essential for swift reaction to take place. Could it, would it happen? I don’t know, but if something substantive isn’t done soon we are going to be in the same place as the Russians were when the KGB came to call.

  2. I like listening to what this Sheriff was saying and he is 100% right.Now think of how many sheriffs there are out there that jump at the chance to get this equipment of war to use on the streets and to use against their own citizens and that should scare the living hell out of anyone that can think. Our 2nd amendment is always under attack and the majority of the chiefs and sheriffs are very quiet about that with the exception of a very few. The law enforcement community as a whole wipes their ass’s with the constitution after some pig lawyer explains the real meaning away to suit their agenda and you better believe that they have an agenda.Illegal searches on the roadside and kicking in doors in the middle of the night when they could simply apprehend the person they want when he or she leaves the house. Anyone that doesn’t think that law enforcement is out of control and getting worse all the time is a blind fool or a coward! A militant thug is a militant thug no matter what you call them or how many badges the group of them have.Body armor and masks to arrest people sleeping in their beds at night and they are so proud of what they do they also wear masks to conceal their identity,that use to be called an armed intruder and it still is. We are in deep shit and more and more people are figuring this out all the time. Law enforcement has brought all of the hatred and distrust because they earned it by their actions. One other thing is that your tax dollars pay for these thugs to do what they do and your tax dollars also protects them in court.

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