One thought on “Hawaii Governor Josh Green Slips Up & CONFIRMS THE “SMART CITY” LAND GRAB He Catches Himself & Tries To Backpedal

  1. Ha!! The truth finds a way. Shameless idiot, you didn’t rehearse well enough. They all call themselves “leaders!!” Yeah, leading us into tyrannical communism and Noahide Laws. But we only have one TRUE LAW, and it has no spying, controlling smart cities in it. But still, the “leaders” preach that they’re gonna fix the world.

    Anonymous comment I just came across:

    “The UN has been ‘ending poverty’ for 78 years. Amnesty International has been ending human rights violations for 62 years. WHO has been ending malaria for 75 years. The Federal Reserve has been ending boom-bust economies for 110 years. And for the oddest reason, nothing has – changed. In fact, everything is – worse. … Under Amnesty International, the human trafficking, drug trafficking, organ trafficking and child trafficking businesses have grown exponentially garnering more annual revenue than the US Budget.”

    Surrrrrre, the “leaders” have things well under control. How about WE take the lead?


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