Chicago houses illegal immigrants at O’Hare Airport, spends $51 million on aid, shelters

By Katie Daviscourt – The Postmillennial

Chicago houses illegal immigrants at O'Hare Airport, spends $51 million on aid, shelters

More than 400 illegal immigrants are reportedly being housed in a section of the Chicago O’Hare airport as Biden’s border crisis continues to worsen.

Chicago-based reporter William Kelly broke the story on Thursday while appearing on Fox & Friends. Kelly said that the airport has erected black curtains to shield the illegal immigrants from public view. Journalists have also reportedly been banned from reporting near the area.

Video footage obtained by News Nation shows hundreds of illegal immigrants, some with small children, packed like sardines lying on the airport floor with Red Cross blankets.

Earlier this year, a portion of the airport was turned into a shelter to house the homeless. Kelly, who described the situation as “horrifying on every level,” claims that the homeless have now been kicked out of the airport to make room for the illegal immigrants.

“Mayor Johnson campaigned as the people’s mayor. Sadly, the people are telling me that he’s the migrants’ mayor,” Kelly told Fox & Friends.
“There are millions upon millions of dollars being spent on this migrant crisis. Nobody knows where the money is going, or what it’s being spent on,” he added. “Sadly, Mayor Johnson must have taken Mayor Lightfoot’s course at Harvard on media relations, because he won’t answer my questions.”

Aside from the migrant shelter at the Chicago O’Hare Airport, there are 17 others throughout the Windy City.

Kelly said one of them is across the street from his residence, describing the scene as resembling a “Mad Max” movie.

“One of the migrant shelters in Chicago is directly across the street from my building on Michigan Avenue. So I look out the window, and it’s like a scene from Mad Max every single day,” he said.

“It is a fail on every level, the police are not able to babysit the migrants and arrest the violent criminals at the same time. And so the people of Chicago are suffering,” Kelly added.

Chicago, a Democrat sanctuary city, is experiencing its immigration crisis as thousands of migrants cross through the US/Mexico border each month. They are then being transported on buses or planes to cities that have declared “sanctuary status.”

Chicago residents have been fighting back against the crisis and demand that the city take necessary action, saying that various parts of the city are being overrun and destroyed by illegal immigrants.

In May, the city ran out of hotels to shelter illegal immigrants in and resorted to using local police stations in an attempt to house the illegal immigrants who had made their way to Chicago.

In June, Chicago residents expressed frustration about the city’s $51 million aid package for illegal immigrants, which sparked significant pushback from black residents who claim the deal negatively impacts their communities.


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