14 thoughts on “Headline

    1. Happy Easter, Katie. Well, I was gonna say…


      Early This Morning, Disgruntled Truck-driver Propels Truck Onto Capitol Grounds Demanding Adherence To Bill of Rights.

      …but Schumacher told me he wanted to break the story himself when he got out of jail.



          1. No, we had to make do with Lysol, it tastes better, plus it’s already made and tons of it around.

            You ever push a mop high on Lysol? 🙂

  1. Almost took “Free For All” a little too far there..

    I was gonna say did Henry sell the homefront and use the money down at greyhound for BUS TICKETS for the Caravan of homeless Hondurans. Now that’s an April Fools I can vomit with. Sorry Trenchers, we’re closing FTTWR to pay for the caravan of “Illegal Aliens” stuck down in Mexico.

    1. I don’t do April Fools anymore, as I find it too redundant as every day is a fool’s day in this lying ass country.

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