Court Rules in Favour of Case Against Fluoride – Fluoridation Could Be BANNED!

Published on Mar 21, 2018


Today we talk to Dr. Paul Connett of the Fluoride Action Network ( about Food & Water Watch Inc., et al. v. United States Environmental Protection Agency, a lawsuit that could bring an end to the practice of water fluoridation in the United States. We discuss the Toxic Substances Control Act under which the suit is being filed, how recent court rulings have allowed the case to proceed, and the incredible significance of the chance to depose the EPA’s “experts” under oath.

3 thoughts on “Court Rules in Favour of Case Against Fluoride – Fluoridation Could Be BANNED!

  1. they found a better way

    spraying us like bugs to just flat out kill us ..fluoride was taking too long

  2. I been avoiding this toxin as best I can for over 15 years now. It is almost impossible to be 100% sure you are not consuming it in one form or another, because it is added to all kind of foods, drinks, toothpaste and other products. When I would go to a dentist for teeth cleaning, I would ask for non-fluoride treatment, they always said ok to this, but how do I know for sure if they used a non-fluoride base cleaner? I had one metal filling removed and replaced with a composite and still have all my teeth and no new cavities after more than 15 years of using non-fluoride toothpaste. My father’s uncle was a water commissioner (elected position) in a small town and I asked him about fluoride. He told me they did not add fluoride to their water, so I had to ask why? He Told me the town could not afford it. WOW.
    Back before fluoride was added to water, fluoride was a waste by product of certain industries and they had to pay to have it deposed of properly. Now they sell the toxic waste for profit, supposedly for teeth health, of the unsuspecting public. It is a 180 degree flip from what was to what is today. It is the same in just about everything today, 180 degrees out of sink.

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