9 thoughts on “Heatwave in Buckeye AZ

  1. Wow….. that’s brutal.

    And I see those cheap-o “Acu-rite” thermometers are sold in Arizona, too. I’m sure it’s very hot there, but you can put two of those things next to each other and they’ll give you two different temperatures. They’re neither accurate nor right.

      1. Oh, no….I believe you. I’m just saying those thermometers suck.

        I lived in Vegas for two years. I know how hot it gets there.

  2. Ever been in Laughlin NV when its 127°

    Well I have…

    Its fricking hot!!!

    Oh really… how hot was it.

    It was so fkng hot…

    I walked out of the casino to the quickee mart.

    Bought a 48 ounce belly washer pop.

    Drank it all down.

    And I didn’t pee for 5 hours.

    I feel your pain.

  3. The geo-engineering is right on schedule. Repeating a lie as inevitable is indoctrination 101.
    Just like asphalt, forcing temperatures to each extreme weakens the foundation, thereby exacerbating atrophy and subsequent collapse.
    Throw in 5G and we’ll be too sick to bitch about it.

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