Heavenly Jerusalem and War in Ukraine

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Israel has been under threat almost since the state’s inception. So far, despite numerous conflicts, thanks to the support of the United States, they have emerged victorious from oppression. Today the situation is more complex. Western societies no longer look uncritically at Israel. There is growing resentment due to the almost apartheid policy of the Arabs, the destruction of their homes and the taking of land for Jewish settlement. Additionally, radicalism is growing in all Arab states. With almost 9 million people, Israel is surrounded by over 100 million hostile neighbors.

Moreover, for a long time there has been a theory that in 10 years time there will be no Israel.

This theory has been functioning for many years in the circles of analysts, experts and also politicians. One of the first to introduce this theory was Henry Kissinger, the secretary of state during the times of President Nixon and Ford, who in 2012 stated that in 10 years there would be no Israel. In short, it looks like the State of Israel will cease to exist in 2022.

The real threat caused the search for a new Promised Land. It was found in Ukraine. Over 1000 years ago, the Khazar state existed on Ukrainian territory, the only state where rabbinical Judaism was the official religion. Jews from all over the medieval world flocked to the Khazarian rabbinate until the tenth century, when the State collapsed. And it is to this land that the originators of the Heavenly Jerusalem project want to resettle. Today it is the Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporovsky, Kherson, Mykolaiv and Odessa oblasts – almost a quarter of Ukraine.

The Heavenly Jerusalem project is endorsed by the mysterious figure of Ukrainian politics, Igor Berkut. Former Soviet soldier, commander of reconnaissance in Afghanistan. After a mysterious scholarship in the United States, he co-owned a Kazakh bank, which he sold to the Russians. Founder of the insignificant party “Great Ukraine”. The owner of a Ukrainian, Israeli, Kazakh and most likely Russian passport.

And it is he who presents new revelations. About himself in a 2017 TV interview (around 0:25) he says the following:

“I just got back from Israel and it was my sixth visit. It turned out brilliant. I have lectured at several universities, in particular in Haifa, in Jerusalem. I was on television. Israel has many problems. One of the main ones is the territory. Of which 60 percent it’s a desert. Cities are overcrowded. Very hot climate. There are also serious environmental problems. Israel is lagging behind in cleansing the country. The next problem is the state’s environment. 8.5 million Jews live in Israel. And there are 100 million Arabs around Israel. This situation could lead to aggression against Israel. Growing problems make us reflect on the future of this country. This mainly affects the young generation of Jews. They don’t see a good perspective. Therefore, in order to develop normally, Israel must find another territory for itself for 200-300 years. It was one of the purposes of my visit to this country […]. This is where the concept of “Heavenly Jerusalem” or “New Jerusalem” comes in. According to my knowledge, this “Heavenly Jerusalem” is located in the south of Ukraine and includes five provinces: Dnipropetrovsk, Zaporizhia, Odessa, Kherson and Mykolaiv […]. In these lands, a New Jerusalem will be established, which will allow the development of the entire nation of Israel. But it is not everything. Jews from all over the world, the largest banking houses and transnational corporations, will collect their intellectual riches, technologies and hand them over to New Jerusalem. And this New Jerusalem will begin to develop dynamically. And so quickly that European countries will become an ordinary province for it […].”

It is worth adding that Igor Berkut (around 20:00) claims that 183 Jews from Haifa arrived in Ukraine in January 2017, and as Berkut continues, the first cornerstone for the foundation of the “Heavenly Jerusalem” was laid on the fertile Ukrainian soil. “. This founding group also started preparations for the accepting of the first 100,000 Jews from Israel. And by the end of 2022, the organizers plan to bring 6 million Jews from Israel and over 12 million from Russia, the USA and European Union countries to New Jerusalem. In another statement, Berkut adds: – The government of New Jerusalem – when it is officially proclaimed after the adoption of the law on the decentralization of Ukraine – will be entrusted to the Council of Protectors, consisting of 12 leaders.

Moreover (around 27:40) Igor Berkut says that, the time will come when at the same time, one morning, one Shofar will sound in Dnipropetrovsk and the other Shofar will sound in Odessa. And then at that moment, when the sounds of the two trumpets merge into one, it will be possible to say that Heavenly Jerusalem has come to earth.

And how are we supposed to look at it? To believe it or not to believe it? Could it be a political provocation? Some kind of test how the world will react to such an idea? So far, the world is not reacting at all, including Ukraine. What’s more, the mentioned Berkut in another television statement, when answering the question of how the Ukrainians themselves will react to it, he answered more or less like this: “Who can oppose such a program? President of Ukraine, a Jew? Prime Minister, Jew? Or maybe the richest citizens of this country, the oligarchs, also Jews?”

So what will happen in the south of Ukraine? We have to wait to find out. But it’s worth knowing about plans and intentions, and even dreams. Because knowledge somehow brightens our lives.


4 thoughts on “Heavenly Jerusalem and War in Ukraine

  1. Wow, many surmised that the jews wanted to return to the mother-land, but that it’s comin’ out like this, so blatantly and quickly, is pretty surprising to me. Wonder what the non-jew Ukrainians think of this. Also wonder if there are any Ukrainian people who, like Trenchers, see the Global scam and the assault on freedom and are not buying into the war game. Hard to know who’s who over there. But here comes something of a new promised land. Guess a bigger area is needed to manage world affairs, things like communism, and genocide, and depopulation. I mean ATTEMPT to manage, ’cause surely, we have become unmanageable (grin). Also, what’s so “Heavenly” about tyranny?


    1. They don’t even attempt to disguise anything anymore. The veil has been completed lifted for anyone with eyes that see. chutzpah, indeed!

  2. “our first declared piece of openly stolen real estate ain’t that nice, but yours looks better so we’ll take it!”

    heavenly jerusalem is ironically located in south Ukraine. Definitely a lot more south of heaven, too.



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