11 thoughts on “Heavy Winds Today In The California Desert – Off the Ocean 40 Miles From The West 40 MPH Easy.

  1. Barstow California headed to Vegas then off to Utah with Mexican grown tomatoes headed to Walmart. Picked up on Mexico border.
    Why we cant grow our own goddamn tomatoes is beyond me.

    1. Raining today (not much, though) and tomorrow.

      Then it gets ugly… 20s & teens for 5 straight days, with highs in the 30s/low 40s.

      Hate winter. 🙁

        1. Part of a winter in Canada, and part of the same one in Michigan convinced me that I wasn’t designed for brutally cold winters, mary.

          Rather be too hot than too cold.

    2. Good ol’ Barstow…I’ll never forget almost getting blown and thrown off I-40 headed toward Needles toward night-time by 50 plus MPH winds…and then we hit Needles where at midnight in August it’s 110 degrees! But no winds…

      Mark, we do grow our own tomatoes. Problem this year was rains came late, in September, when they usually come in July and August, so we didn’t get the usual bounty…solar minimum and all that….and chemtrails I’m sure.

      1. So you man the hell up as a country and grow from custom green house with ground water. I’m sorry DL, not good enough reasons for helping the enemy. There are custom green houses right now in Nebraska growing oranges in winter

        Google it. Simply put, we are weak minded, time to get our shit together.

        You can ship in water, just like the traitors do with oil

        Lake Michigan for christ sakes..

        1. Got it, Mark, but here’s the other thing–outside of the town near me as well as the other one down the road (Marfa) there are two large green houses that use ground water, that is, hydroponics and grows all the tomatoes anyone in far west Texas needs. And the workers are Americans, not illegals. We get absolutely NO TOMATOES from Mexico or any other country.

          1. Now that’s awesome, Americans need to start getting back to basics, grow your own! Let the corporate ground tillers eat dirt!

            Their veggies (produce) taste horrible anyway!

            FK WALMART….

  2. Always hated rollin with an empty Van Trailer in heavy cross winds..never had a blow over but sure as hell have had my shit blown out of my lane

    stay frosty Mark

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