Here is THE reason why Health Care Costs have risen the last 40 Years

I graduated:

High School in 1976.
OSU College in 1980.
USCMedical School in 1984. 
USAF Anesthesiology Residency in 1987.
USAF debt paid and and separation in 1991.
Moved to Private Practice in Amarillo TX in 1991.

Look at those years and compare the incredible growth of administrators, middle men and giant financial manipulators who contribute NOTHING to caring for sick patients over the last ~35-40 years.

Compare the explosive increase in numbers of “Administrators” to the slow steady increase in the number of Doctors over the last ~50+years

These “Administrators” are parasites who have financialized and sucked the Health Care System of the US completely dry of financial value and real capital assets.

5 thoughts on “Here is THE reason why Health Care Costs have risen the last 40 Years

  1. Maybe the author forgot to insert the word “skyrocketed” between the “have” and “the last 40 years.”
    Administrators, definitely. But why and how did this happen? Because when I was growing up in the 50s and 60s health care hardly cost anything. Did this all begin with “group health insurance”? HMOs? PPOs? They have “administrators” as well… Ambualnce services? (which started in the 50s from what I’ve researched) Or did it begin with govt. toadies? Or all of these?

  2. More MD’s, more cures so cost of cure goes up to support more MD and administrators. Medicare is a problem, as they establish prices, so everyone charges the Medicare price.

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