12 thoughts on “He’s right you will have to fight! You have no choice, it’s good vs evil

  1. I didn’t feel it with our neighbors to the south, but with Canada to the north, I always felt connected, in affinity. Until a few years ago, I did not know of their dominance by The Crown, and over the last few years have watched Communism attempting to swallow them up. Now to hear voices like this one, and Diana O from Canada, tells me the Canadians are fed up and many are readying to fight. To this man I just would say that we have our own level of Communism to deal with here, our own specialized variety, courtesy of The Great Reset and the demons who are launching it, as nation-by-nation they experiment to find out who will tolerate what. Our Bill of Rights and its 2nd Article are the foundations that support our right to fight and to rid ourselves of all oppressors. Speaking only for myself, I say, Canada, I’m glad you are with us!!


    1. Galen, at 150 years old, we are like your younger sibling. Although we have a Bill of Rights and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms which its last remaining author alive, Brian Peckford said is based on the American Bill of Rights, we, too, are coming to terms with how it is being usurped and how we are going to access OUR courts which have become occcupied by black robed criminals. We will one day soon, gather in massive numbers after we educate our law enforcement and the military to bring them to the side of truth, not only for us, but for themselves. We know we have those numbers based on what happened in Ottawa with the trucker rebellion. When that day comes, we will have a peaceful conversation which will consist of 4 questions. The first is, “who will come forward to claim I am their property? The 2nd is, ” who will come forward that I contracted with them that I am their property? The 3rd is who will come forward who is working for a service corporation that I am their property? The 4th is, who can provide evidence that covid was isolated, purified and documented in a lab? When no one, including the criminals in the black robes working for the BAR can answer any one of those questions, this will be when the truth comes out and the warrants for the arrests begin to go out. We have approx. 6 million indigenous people who are willing to join this event. Much of the crime going on against us is happening on unceded lands which we live on as long as we do not violate the treaties. The houses of Parliament are made from resources of that land to which they still hold title. They don’t want the people who are occupying those buildings here. When we come together as a unified force on that day, the truth will bring them down and they will be gone for good. It will come down to the American Bill of Rights eventually. If the law that was put down on paper for us is based on the law that was made for you, all we need to do is go to the source and enforce it by whatever means necessary. We will have the guns and they will be backed by the truth.

      1. Well Diana, I think you have a lot more faith is those proceeding than I would have with such methods were I to implement them in my own land. We passed the “peaceful conversation” phase years ago. To borrow one word from Henry, all I see is the “JUNGLE!!” But I thank you for recognizing the value, validity, importance, and urgency of our Bill of Rights. It comes with the responsibility to crush tyrants.


        1. Yes Galen we have passed a certain stage… Damaged and pissed off! There is nothing in the plan of this BS GOV.COM Just more pain and missery!

          1. And what gets me more are the ones who aren’t pissed off. It’s like they’re livin’ in some parallel universe where going shopping is still a thrill.

            Power to The Pissed Off!! 🙂


          1. LIMPING into the stores.. Fully vaxxed!!! No Brain left because they watch CNN! BRAIN FRIED!!!LOL

        2. Galen, I hear ya. Our peaceful means by which to expose the vermin in our courts is where we are at in Canada right now. Eventually, we will be seeing the jungle, too. As it is now, the people are still too comfortable in their subdivisions or on the cruise ship of admiralty jurisdiction, on a collision course with the jungle, to know that the jungle even exists here. We really do need to stop being so bloody polite. We are a younger country, you know, the spoiled baby of the family, so at this point in our maturity as a nation, we are still going through the naive stage of our development. When we come of age, either we will have learned our lesson or we will never grow up.

  2. I’m planning, I’m prepping, I’m learning, I’m teaching.
    Part of me is hoping “it never comes”, but most of me is wanting “it” to happen already.
    I’m chomping at the bit, I want immediate gratification, whatever cliche you want to use. I can say that I’m scared AF when this does happen, not really for me, but for my kids and my role as mom.
    When will this cesspool be razed, a’la’ soddom and gemorra style?

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