Jun 23, 2022Another incredible video from Justin. Can you believe how many people don’t know what continent they are on right now? Or who the US got their independence from? Someone thought this country was founded in the 1920s and nobody knows math. Wild times…

9 thoughts on “UNBELIEVABLE: Young Americans Don’t Know ANYTHING… AGAIN

    1. You know, this is not funny. It is heartbreaking because those who would laugh at it, guess what, we f-king allowed it. We not only allowed it, we paid for it with the sweat of our brows.
      I’d like to punch every one of their parents in their f-king nose. I mean really, how dumb must the parents be not to realize how f-king dumb they’ve allowed their children to become?
      Shame shame shame shame shame shame shame.

      1. Two of my grand-nephews and two of my grand-nieces left just a little while ago and I guarantee you every one of them could not only answer those childish questions, but would recite a backlog on the subject matter, as a matter of course.
        So it’s not everybody. And how easy are the progeny of the American nationals going to control these poor mindless children?

  1. Is anyone surprised that most young people are completely clueless about geography and the “textbook version” ofAmerican history? Why are you shaming the kids? We (the older generations)should be apologizing to them for allowing the US educational system to be dismantled.
    Who is more stupid? These awkward misinformed teenagers? Or the millions of college educated middle class adults who rolled up their sleeves and took multiple bio weapon infections designed and manufactured by big pharmakia and demons like Gates and Fauci who have made billions off of this genocide.

  2. I ain’t going with that shit.
    Someone is picking and choosing
    or there’s some acting crap going on.
    There’s some sad saps around here
    where I’m at
    That’s a fact
    But not even close to this video
    They know which one is their big toe

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