Home Invader in Missouri Has Panic Attack After Encountering Armed Homeowner

stock_P1020356Guns Save Lives – by Dan Cannon

A homeowner in Kansas City, Missouri used a firearm to stop a home invasion earlier this week. The incident occurred in the 400 block of Newton Avenue about 9:40 a.m.

The homeowner managed to shoot one of the suspects, striking him in the leg. The homeowner didn’t even need to open fire on the second suspect as they suffered a panic attack during the altercation with the homeowner.  

Both suspects were located by police and treated at an area hospital. They will likely face charges when they are released.

There is no word on the identity of the homeowner or if they were injured during the incident.

This story highlights the need to be prepared for violent crime at all times. This incident occurred around 9:40am. During this time, if they haven’t already left for work, are in their morning routine and may not be in a defensive state of mind at all.

Interestingly, this is the second defensive gun use this month in Kansas City in which the suspect was shot in the leg. Is it a “thing” to shoot people in the leg in Kansas City?

This is the 42nd defensive gun use we’ve documented in the state of Missouri and the 1,257th defensive gun use we’ve documented overall.

Sources: FOX4KMBC


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