US politicians ‘completely owned’ by Zionists

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Published on Aug 8, 2014 by PressTV News Videos

A former US presidential candidate says he is “deeply ashamed” of American leaders and politicians who are “completely owned” by Zionists and “banker elites” who seek “tremendous economic chaos” and the “enslavement of masses of people.”

“I’m deeply ashamed of America’s leadership” because of their support for Israel’s latest military offensive against the Gaza Strip which has killed nearly 2,000 Palestinians, said Merlin Lloyd Miller, and independent film director, writer, and producer who was the 2012 US presidential nominee for the American Third Position Party.

A month-long Israeli aerial and ground offensive that began July 8 in Gaza has left about 1,900 Palestinians dead, including 430 children, and left people across the impoverished enclave in desperate need of basic necessities of life.

US Secretary of State John Kerry stated on Wednesday that the Obama administration “fully supported” Israel during its conflict with the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. “No country can live with that condition and the United States stands squarely behind Israel’s right to defend itself in those circumstances. Period,” he said in an interview with BBC.

“I look at the politicians and I believe their completely owned by internationalists with a Zionist Agenda,” Miller said during a phone interview with Press TV on Wednesday. “There’s no humanitarian coming from our leadership, they have total disregard for the United States Constitution and it’s just creating tremendous hardship throughout the world now.”

“Unfortunately, in the next 12 months, I believe internationalists will try to create tremendous economic chaos throughout the world and ultimately lead us into a World War III, which could advance their new world order schemes and ultimately enslavement of masses of people,” Miller noted.

6 thoughts on “US politicians ‘completely owned’ by Zionists

  1. A commenter who is Jewish wrote this:
    A Zionist is someone who believes that Jews deserve to have a national homeland, i.e. Israel, which was historically part of Palestine. It was colonized by Jews after WWII. The main problem with it is that it chased out most of the native inhabitants when it was declared a country in 1948 & then colonized the rest of the Arab-Palestinians, oppressing them and giving them no rights. In my opinion, when they fight back, as any oppressed, colonized people would and should, the Israelis call it aggression. Israel has one of the strongest, most modern armies/air forces in the world, given them by the US. The Palestinians have very little to fight with. 
    Fox News reporting, esp. Hannity have sold their souls to the devil so they
    will be excluded for what is about to come for the rest of us.

  2. Having just returned from a demonstration here in London, where 150,000 turned up to support the people of Gaza, I can tell you no one believes the claptrap spewed by politicians and the media.

  3. ” “No country can live with that condition and the United States stands squarely behind Israel’s right to defend itself in those circumstances. Period,” he said in an interview with BBC.”

    Those “circumstances” being the genocide of the rightful inhabitants of Palestine.

  4. As Congressman Traficant put it. “Is real uses us like a whore”. One of a few who had the balls to call a spade a spade. The call upon American Patriots is coming. Be ready!

    1. Outstanding patriot! He gave a presentation at ConspiracyCon 2012. We talked for a couple hours that night in the bar. You can’t help but like the guy.

  5. Palestinians are not Displaced Persons, Palestine is their homeland.
    The circus behind the wall have their sewage running into the Palestinians
    yards, gardens, streets. Whomever looks the other way while such
    atrocities continue is part of the problem and are no better. Like
    General Patton said about the jews “lower than animals.” Amen.

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