Homemade Break Barrel Black Pipe Shotgun Build- part 2

Published on May 14, 2015 by CrypticCRICKET

This is part 2 of my 12 gauge, break barrel, black iron pipe shotgun build. Receiver frame plates, hammer, trigger. Tips for tapping holes in steel. Metalworking tools used for making the receiver frame plates, hammer, trigger. An old engineering tip for making stronger parts.
Being able to measure things accurately is very important when engineering and building things or even repairing things so that’s why I always use a precision caliper to measure things when I’m in DIY mode. Harbor Freight and Tool sells a digital one (4″ capacity) that does both metric and English for $15. Like most calipers, It does Inside/outside/depth measurements to .001″ accuracy. If you can measure with precision, you can do precision work with cave man tools. I use mine all the time when I’m DIYing.
Link to the caliper that I use: http://www.harborfreight.com/4-inch-d…
$14.99 retail. Fits in your shirt pocket so it’s real easy to take with you to the hardware store.

Here’s a link to part 3 of this video series:https://youtu.be/4Lo5dQD6WS4

Here’s one online source for metal stock: https://www.speedymetals.com/

Lots of plans available for other firearms built in a similar way.

Instructional download and drawings for building an authentic Cobray derringer: http://www.theflatspot.net/uploads/6/…

Excalibur LLC catalog- The current home of the Cobray Derringer parts kits. (Prices may have changed)http://www.theflatspot.net/uploads/6/…

Cobray Derringer frame plates and breach plate: http://www.theflatspot.net/derringer-…

Various DIY Plans, paterns, and blueprints at Weaponeer.net : http://www.weaponeer.net/forum/forum_…
Some of these plans are NFA or AOW so beware. Some are black powder muzzle loaders as well.

The library at Weaponeer.net: http://www.weaponeer.net/forum/defaul…

I made this shotgun for myself because I love simple firearms. This project was an opportunity to learn, and doing it was outstanding entertainment. I have no intention to ever sell this shotgun or give any firearms that I make away so please don’t ask me to do that. I also have no desire to make parts kits for firearms. Check out the links above because there’s a lot of gunsmith knowledge and insight at those links. 😉

Thanks. Cricket.

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