How to Beat Illegal Checkpoints Like a Pro

checkpointThe Free Thought Project – by Matt Savoy

Over the last decade the United States has witnessed an all-out attack on the Constitution. Freedom to travel unmolested is becoming a thing of the past. Bi-partisan support from all levels of State and Federal government wage war on your ability to remain secure in your belongings and the freedom from unreasonable search and seizure.

Phone calls, emails, text messages, and any other forms of communication are being data mined by the state. Those that attempt to shed light on these state sponsored atrocities are labeled as terrorists and forced to flee the country or are indefinitely detained. The most recent of these “whistleblowers,” Edward Snowden, is a former technical contractor for the United States National Security Agency (NSA) and a former employee of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who leaked details of several top-secret U.S. and British government mass surveillance programs to the press.  

In any other society other than this Orwellian dystopia in which we currently find ourselves, the act of letting the citizenry know that their government is spying on them, would be revered as heroic; instead the masses call for blood. Those that attempt to peacefully challenge the status quo are labeled as terrorists, placed on no fly lists, or even detained indefinitely.

American citizens and their children are no longer safe from federal assassination. We’ve seen the state deem a 16 year old Utah born boy, a terrorist threat, and eliminate him with a drone strike. Now these same drones are being deployed to municipalities all over the country to “protect” the citizens by spying on them 24 hours a day.

This barbarism and supreme looting of the American people is deemed necessary and we are told that it is “done for our safety.” When a society decides that they prefer perceived security over unfettered freedom, that society deserves neither freedom, nor security.

Luckily there are those of us who wish not to live under the boot of authoritarianism. Brave individuals challenge the authority of the oligarchs on the grounds that their rules are not only unjust but still currently illegal. The instance of “DUI Checkpoints” has increased from a near non-existent practice to a nightly ritual of 4th Amendment violations in the past 2 decades. Illegal checkpoints along highways are also on the rise across the country.
However if you know your rights, you need not submit to such jackboot oppression. The video in this article should serve as inspiration for freedom lovers. It also shows just how to remain unmolested when your 4th Amendment right is being hindered.

Matt Savoy,


8 thoughts on “How to Beat Illegal Checkpoints Like a Pro

  1. I’m not so sure you won’t be “detained” for exercising your rights anymore folks. Police all around the country are, as we speak, attending “seminars” on how to deal with “Domestic Terrorists” which, by definition, automatically makes millions of us more likely to receive “special” treatment from “Jonny Law”. They’ll just pull up your “file” and apply whatever they feel is “necessary” in a “life threatening situation” being in such close proximity to a “Terrorist”!

    1. every state cop pulling over alleged traffic violations in my state are taking it to the “search of the vehicle” stage

      every car E V E R Y car i have seen pulled over in the last 8 months or more on the E-way by state cops have had the occupants out of the car,or held in a cop car.. all the doors of the civilians car wide open and all their stuff out of the car.

      usually more then 2 cars on scene ,, more is the 3 to 5

      No way all these “traffic stops” turned into a suspicion of drugs or foul play as to give the officers the probable cause to search the vehicles
      so this is becoming a S.O.P.

  2. Seems the focus is on the citizenry of the US, not foreigners, not people that want to kill Americans. The targets, the victims appear to be the patriot since the Øbama King has taken control.

  3. This is all bullshit. My incident was pure proof of it. They will do whatever they want, how they want and when they went, and the exercising of your Rights won’t mean shit. There is no law. The only law is through the barrel of a gun. Wake up, people!

    1. Watch out tonight NC, Tis the “Season of the Witch”. A full Moon on Friday the Thirteenth! When I worked at Inpatient Psych Wards, we would schedule extra staff on a Full Moon night because the beds would be filled. The “Lunacy” would start the day before and go into the day after a Full Moon. No one has adequately explained the phenomena but I believe it stems from the gravitational pull on the brain floating in that cerebral-spinal fluid. Just like the high tides associated with a Full Moon. Anyway, combine that with Friday the Thirteenth and it should be an interesting day! 🙂

      1. Thanks for reminding me. I forgot about that. I’ll be on the look out with my hockey mask and machete. 😉

  4. You want to beat a check point? Dont drive. It is safer to be on a greyhound with all the tweakers and crack head types than to be alone with a cop on the side of the road.
    FYI you can not have a bladed weapon on you or in your luggage on a greyhound not to mention firearms. Never stopped me. You cant have pounds of pot either and I didnt listen to that either.

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