Hunters Shoot Drone Out Of Sky: “Octocopter” Was Owned By Animal Rights Group

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Nearly 6 months ago, Judge Andrew Napolitano went on record saying that the 1st American to shoot down a drone would be an instant hero. I get the feeling that this was not exactly what he was talking about, but a drone has been shot down nonetheless.

Police are investigating an incident at a Berks County hunting club in which someone on the hunting grounds allegedly targeted a mechanical flying object rather than a living and breathing one.

SHowing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK) are in the midst of a campaign against the Wing Pointe commercial hunting grounds in Hamburg, Berks County and its live pigeon shoots in which the birds are shot down. SHARK began to use an “Octocopter,” a remote controlled flying machine with a high tech video camera, to secretly record the pigeon shoots as they happen.

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35 thoughts on “Hunters Shoot Drone Out Of Sky: “Octocopter” Was Owned By Animal Rights Group

  1. So it wasn’t a police drone. Just a flying camera from an animal rights organization. So that doesn’t really mean much (at least not to me) or doesn’t have the same effect or impact as shooting down a police drone.

    So now they are going to have different organizations shooting down each others drones instead of shooting down police drones. Typical. Always find a way to get the masses fighting with each other, rather than with each other against the real threat itself, which is the police state apparatus.

    Don’t let them try and divide us. Stand together and take out the ones that truly matter. And that’s the bottom line.

    1. Spying, is spying. They’re sending a message, and that’s a good thing. Cop drones are next (if it hasn’t happened already, but been kept under wraps).

      1. True. But I would much rather see police drones falling out of the skies than drones from organizations playing stupid petty games such as this. But yea, it is a start, if that’s what you mean.

  2. Love it. 🙂 LOL
    As if there isn’t a plethora of pigeons and they’re an endangered species…
    Give me a break!
    Great shot hunters! Keep up the good work. “Pull!”
    Eat more sqaub.

  3. “As if there isn’t a plethora of pigeons and they’re an endangered species…”

    Hmmm, there is also a plethora of humans and they sure aren’t an endangered species either.

    Wasn’t there a Mel Brooks movie –“The History of the World-Part 1” — where human peasants were launched from a giant clay pigeon launcher, and shot by French nobles?

    One percenters from gated communities and country clubs would maybe be more appropriate?

    I’m just saying: what goes around comes around: pigeons today, banksters tomorrow.

    We all take a ride on the wheel of karma….

    1. As I said, “Pull!”
      You’re right. Humans Have overpopulated the Earth. There are Many Humans who Deserve to have Karma “Bite them in the Arse.” In the City, pigeons are nothing more than “Rats with Wings” spreading diseases. They are poisoned (Not a very kind, Humane death). True Hunters are Conservationists, NOT Trophy/Head Hunters. They Care about keeping wildlife Strong and Vital, as opposed to overpopulated, inbred, runted, and diseased. They do Not deserve to be harassed by organizations looking for excuses to take their guns and hunting rights away.

      1. I suspect these pigeons do not come from the city. Not your diseased city birds.

        They are raised & used for “sport” not meat.

        This is not true hunting, at least not the kind that I remember. Sure not a wild, uncontrolled, un-choreographed situation.

        Like I say, strap a “hunting” club member to a giant sling-shot — it would be about as choreographed.

        Train a pigeon to peck at the flying human on a video screen: the triggered drone missile sent out would toast the human.

        Now THAT would be real pigeon-on-human sport!

        1. What are you WHINING about. The article is not even about pigeons. These guys nailed a DRONE for crying out loud.

          If you’re more concerned about those stupid birds than the dangers posed by drones, you may as well make your funeral arrangements right now, because you’ll be dead the minute the SHTF, lady.

          Then see what good your pigeon friends will do you.

          1. No whining here. Just testing the waters.

            I wanted to see how far down the stupidity level would sink in this string.

            Folks who unthinkingly shoot pigeons vs. skeet in “hunting” clubs are the same types who will drop a missile from a drone on YOU. Why not?

            Thoughtless killers. If you want compassion & fair play, you have to deserve it.

            Because, at bottom, stupid is as stupid does.

            Which is my end of story at this string.


            R.I.P. sheeple

            Since you’re OBVIOUSLY too brain-dead to survive the coming maelstrom.

            p.s. I’ll be sure to kill a few pigeons in your name. Maybe throw a flower or two on them, just for you.


  4. Exactly when did drone season open, and why wasn’t I informed?

    Also, does anyone know the limit, or does it vary from state to state. I’m assuming there is no size limit, given the fact that they don’t grow.

    NC: Granted, it wasn’t a police drone, but as Angel pointed out, they’re still fair ‘game’ (yes, pun intended). Spying is spying. The only consideration here is the fewer number of points to be awarded for a “non combatant” drone, for obvious reasons.

    They’re unarmed. LOL 🙂

      1. Again, that would depend on whether it was shooting back or not.

        Higher points would have to be awarded for a rifle take down, as opposed to a shotgun, considering the spread of a shotgun blast.

        Last but not least, the highest points of all would HAVE to go to anyone bringing one down with nothing more than a bow and arrow or crossbow, as the skill requirements for this would be remarkable by any standards.

        Naturally, this would exclude explosive tips of the type used by Hawkeye in “The Avengers”.

          1. I didn’t, at least not intentionally. I noticed the same thing yesterday on one of my comments.
            Definitely need to fix that.

            There, that’s better.

            Glad to hear you were able to re-schedule so soon, Angel.

            btw, I saw an article last week saying there was another nor’easter heading your way, supposedly a really nasty one due just before Thanksgiving, and haven’t seen a word on it since.

            What’s up with that???

          2. Thanks, guys. Long, tough day but it’s done. 🙂
            #1, the storm veered out to sea and weather’s been fine. (Thanks for the email, BTW)

          3. That’s good news indeed, Angel. You guys have taken enough of a beating lately.


        1. There ya go again with that crossbow. Everyone tells me to get a crossbow. I guess that a crossbow would be a step up from my wrist rocket though. I actualy am – one of these day – going to make one of those 500Lb – 900 Lb crossbows and if your realy good as much as a 1200Lb. pull.. I`ve got the plans, and when I get into town and find a private copy machine – that I can use myself – I am going to send Henry a copy to maybe post, awsome crossbows they are, made out of model A car leaf springs!, yea, 500 – 900Lb. pull with gears to pull the bow string back – used for big game hunting. I still like the rifles though.

          1. Think: “Hunger Games” digger.

            Who was the last (wo)man standing? (albeit she didn’t use a crossbow, same general principal)

      1. NRA approved.

        Also, we need a nationally standardized set of classifications – amateur, intermediate, marksman, and so on.

        All kills would have to be verified by at least two witnesses, or one, with accompanying video, would be acceptable (date and time stamped, naturally).

        Prizes? 🙂

  5. It almost makes you want to run out and buy a 10 gauge just for drones.

    Maybe this will become the national past time.
    A real sport.

  6. if your not using a shotgun with bird of buck shot and insteads perhaps a rifle… what is the range of the projectile if you miss? depends on the round and the grain right? i mean what are the odds you can miss and hit someone on the other side of town?

    1. “i mean what are the odds you can miss and hit someone on the other side of town?”

      The odds?? As in calculating the probabilities? You would have to figure out how many possible places the bullet can land, and divide that by the number of places it can land that are occupied by a human. The actual numbers will make the needle in the haystack stick out like a sore thumb. (for all practical purposes, it’s not going to happen)

      1. After thinking about this for a minute, I felt compelled to return with something a bit more tangible than astronomical math.

        If you shoot a high-powered rifle bullet (the .50 cal. was mentioned) into the air at a forty-five degree angle (which is the approximate angle for shooting most airborne targets), it’s not going to land anywhere in town unless you’re shooting from the center of a city that’s more than 4 miles wide. There are only a few places in the USA (mega-cities) where the bullet would actually land anywhere in town.

  7. This is just the beginning.
    As this tech gets into more hands more drones will be shot down.
    Would certainly be worth testing a homemade HERF gun on 🙂

  8. If you boys over there would start an annual “Drone Invitational Shooting Day” I might drive over and buy tickets. Sounds like the genesis of a whole new sport! Would I bring a 12 ga., 10 ga. .30-06, .50 BMG??? But, alas, I’m over 1,000 miles away!!! Keep up the fight for liberty! – Jack.

  9. Its that easy to shot down a drone or a pigion or a dove thats a hunting season in lots of states like Kansas ..So its easy to see some have no idea about this..I have hunted all my life and eat what it shot ..You should try and live off what fish or trap and hunt you learn how too live and give thanks ..Keep them drones down and studie how too jamm the drones also..George Washington said we the people the have the right too be happy so he added this to our Bill of Rights of the People..

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