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Hundreds Chant ‘We Want Our Freedom Back and We’re Going to Shoot the Jews’ at Rally in Malmo, Sweden

Breitbart – by Jack Montgomery

Hundreds of Muslims have gathered in multicultural Malmo, Sweden, chanting anti-Semitic slogans and warning “the Jews should remember that the army of Muhammad will return” following U.S. President Donald Trump’s pledge to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

“We have announced the intifada from Malmö. We want our freedom back, and we will shoot the Jews,” vowed demonstrators at the roughly 200-strong rally, Sveriges Radio reports.  

The publicly-funded broadcaster published audio of the event, but a video with crowd-sourced subtitles is doing the rounds on social media.

P4 Malmöhus tried to ascertain who was the behind the rally, but could not pin down any organisers, with several attendees telling reporters they had gathered spontaneously.

The incident follows the firebombing of a synagogue in Gothenburg, another Swedish city, and a man with a Palestinian flag smashing the windows of a kosher restaurant with a club in the Netherlands.

Police communications officer Calle Persson indicated the demonstrations had taken place without permission and without any patrols nearby — but said no reports had been received in connection with them, according to The Local.

“There is a latent threat against Jews in Malmö, and when things heat up in the Middle East that threat becomes more real. But there are currently no threats directed at one person or community,” he claimed.

“We are careful. You don’t want to display the Star of David around your neck or other Jewish symbols. An Orthodox Jew does not find life easy in Malmö, he is subjected [to discrimination],” remarked Freddy Gellberg, speaking for the local Jewish Assembly.

Indeed, anti-Semitism among Sweden’s rapidly expanding Muslim population seems to be a growing problem, with Sveriges Radio reporting back in August that an imam had denounced Jews as the “offspring of apes and pigs” at a demonstration in the town of Helsingborg.

Malmo is one of many ‘No Go Zones’ in Europe which were recently the subject of Breitbart London Editor-in-Chief Raheem Kassam’s new book No Go Zones: How Sharia Law Is Coming to a Neighborhood Near You — available on Amazon.

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17 Responses to Hundreds Chant ‘We Want Our Freedom Back and We’re Going to Shoot the Jews’ at Rally in Malmo, Sweden

  1. wo says:

    Wow what a great phrase. We’re Going to Shoot the Jews’

  2. flee says:

    For lack of better judgement.

    I’m getting a slight feeling that some of the Swedes might be a little …well…, antisemitic.

    But we can fix that.

    We’ll just have all the Jews and the Pope pull all of their stolen gold out of Credit Suisse.

    • Jim says:

      LOL – Sweden and Switzerland are two different countries – But you knew that.

      • flee says:

        No I didn’t. ..

        Because they all look alike to me.

        Kind of like them asians.

        • flee says:

          If fact…

          What’s the difference between..
          A China man, Korean and Japanese. ..?

          I don’t know either.

          But besides their similarities…

          I’ve noticed that Koreans have slanted eyes and squarer heads.

          I mean ..look at Lil Kim John illin.

          You could fit a square ups shipping box on his head and it would fit like a glove.

  3. Ed Teach says:

    They are the chosen ones alright. Chosen to be hated for being piles of sh!t

  4. Cynicles says:

    Stopped at the line “anti-Semitic slogans”. Clearly the author does not know what constitutes a Semite.

  5. DL. says:

    Gee, if Steig Larsen was still alive…harkens back to the beginnings of the “Millennial Trilogy.” (Only with Nazis) Did the idiots running Sweden expect anything different? And does anyone here think Breitbart is anything but a Zionist shill? Anything to stir up hatred of Muslims…Breitbart will do anything to do that. But we don’t need more hatred (of Jews or Muslims or anyone). What we need is justice–round up the elites, put them on trial, and exile them to Antarctica.

  6. Hal Apeeno says:

    “Hundreds Chant ‘We Want Our Freedom Back and We’re Going to Shoot the Jews’ at Rally in Malmo, Sweden”
    🙂 🙂
    I was in a piss ass mood.
    Now I can’t wipe off this grin!

  7. Hal Apeeno says:

    Thank you! 🙂

  8. NC says:

    Now that the war for Syria is over, the war for Jerusalem is just getting started.

    By the way everyone, don’t forget that Thursday is Net Neutrality voting day. Amazing how they time it on the exact day that Star Wars comes out and with its already famous line, “This is not going to go the way you think.”


    Perfect distraction day.

    The people will want to check the reviews on Star Wars, only to find out they now have to pay just to visit that site and retrieve that information.

  9. # 1 NWO Hatr says:

    “You don’t want to display the Star of David around your neck or other Jewish symbols.”

    Another successfully brainwashed Zioturd.


    “… an imam had denounced Jews as the “offspring of apes and pigs”

    A blatant insult to both.

    Spawn of Satan would have been the proper designation.

  10. DirtNap says:

    $1000 says the leader of this “spontaneous movement” is a crypto jew? Nah, don’t do it, I’m like 14,356 out of 14,357 lifetime on this bet! I always win these…..

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