“I Hope They Rot in Prison For a Very Long Time”: Married Cops Kill Daughter’s Boyfriend

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A young woman is mourning the death of her boyfriend, who was shot by her cop father on Tuesday night.

Lisa Kepler, 18, is the daughter of Shannon and Gina Kepler, both 24-year veterans of the Tulsa, OK, police force.

At a news conference on Wednesday, Lisa said her parents kicked her out of their house about a week ago. She stayed at the Tulsa Day Centre for the Homeless. That’s where she met 19-year-old Jeremey Lake, who was a volunteer at the shelter.  

Jeremey’s family let Lisa stay with them, and on Tuesday night, the two teens were outside when they were confronted by Lisa’s father, News9 reports:

According to jail records, Lake was walking with the Keplers’ daughter when they were confronted by a man driving a black 2007 Suburban. The daughter told police she recognized the SUV as her father’s so she walked over and spoke to him. She told police her father asked what she was doing in that area and she walked away. That’s when Lake approached the Suburban and told Kepler he was the daughter’s boyfriend, she told police.

Lisa described the incident:

“We were outside for five minutes and that’s when my dad pulled up,” she said. “There was no argument. I walked away and Jeremey introduced himself and my dad shot him.”

She said her father shot Lake two or three times, then shot at her two or three times, but missed. Then Kepler fled the scene, according to witnesses.

Sergeant Dave Walker said that detectives called Gina, who said she knew why they were calling. She told them she was with Shannon, but they weren’t at home.

After “an extended period of time,” they said Gina called back and said she and her husband would surrender at the detective division.

She also told them she would put the weapon used in the shooting in the trunk of her car.

Later, the Keplers showed up at the detective division with an attorney.

In a news release, Sgt. Walker said “enough evidence was developed to arrest Shannon Kepler for first-degree murder and Gina Kepler for accessory to murder after the fact.” Police booked them into the Tulsa County jail.

But the Keplers aren’t cooperating with police like they said they would – detectives are still looking for the Suburban and the weapon used in the shooting.

Lisa said she is devastated by the shooting and has no idea why her father killed her boyfriend:

“They’re both police officers. I don’t know what could have led them to do this. They didn’t even know Jeremey.”

Lisa spoke with KJRH.com about the events leading to her boyfriend’s murder:

Jeremey’s aunt, Pam Wilkins, said her nephew planned to attend welding school and hoped to join the Army one day.

“Jeremey was very well loved. He had a lot of compassion for the people on the streets,” said Wilkins. “Jeremey didn’t know a stranger and he was always there to do whatever he could.”

“I really hope they rot in prison for a very long time,” Lisa Kepler told Tulsa World.

TPD Chief Chuck Jordan released the following statement about 1 p.m. yesterday:

“Last night two Tulsa Police officers, Shannon Kepler and Gina Kepler, were arrested. Both have 24 years of experience with the Tulsa Police Department. This case, like all homicide investigations, leaves little information that can be released due to the ongoing investigation.

Shannon Kepler was booked into the Tulsa County jail for 1st Degree Murder and Shooting with Intent to Kill. Gina Kepler was booked for Accessory after the Fact.

I as well as the whole Department am saddened for both families involved in this tragic event. The circumstances around this incident drives home the fact that domestic violence is a societal problem and transcends all economic groups.

We as a department, honorably and objectively, continue to serve the citizens of Tulsa.”

Two cops, with a combined total of 48 years in law enforcement, kicked out their 18-year-old daughter and then one of them killed her 19-year-old boyfriend a few days later.

It says a lot about how these police officers must have treated everyone else if this is how they protected and served their own child and someone she cared about.

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  1. “They’re both police officers. I don’t know what could have led them to do this. They didn’t even know Jeremey.”

    What could have led them? You said it yourself…


    You’ve just gotten an education in reality.

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