Iberia Parish Sheriff’s office to layoff 26 employees


Press release by the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s office concerning the budget reduction plan:

Starting today (9/8/2016) Sheriff Louis Ackal will begin implementing his plan to reduce the anticipated budget deficit.

This budget deficit can be directly related to the loss of sales tax revenue, the loss of the work release program and the increases in health insurance, vehicle insurance and liability insurance.  

Part of Sheriff Ackal’s plan was to review each department and locate any expenditure which could be reduced or eliminated for the remainder of the fiscal year.  Sheriff Ackal is looking at all contracts affecting his agency and will either renegotiate or terminate the contracts if possible.  Sheriff Ackal will begin a reorganization of the agency, which will mean transfers and/or a reduction of rank for some staff.  There will be detectives transferred to the patrol division to complete the shifts.  This will reduce the necessity to call in off duty deputies who work on an overtime basis.  The hardest part of implementing the budget reduction plan will be the layoff of 26 employees. This is a reduction in staff of 9% of the Iberia Parish Sheriff’s Office payroll.  Most the staffing reductions will come from support staff personnel.  All layoffs will be effective September 25, 2016.

Sheriff Ackal regrets the layoffs but deems them to be necessary to reduce and eventually eliminate the budget deficit.  The patrol division will be fully staffed to provide the most efficient and professional law enforcement services possible.  The Iberia Parish Jail is staffed to comply with the inmate to guard ratio as mandated by the Louisiana Department of Corrections.

Sheriff Ackal will continue to review the budget and if necessary will make further adjustments in the future.  Sheriff Ackal is confident that all employees will step up in this trying time and will work together to provide the most efficient and professional services possible to the citizens of Iberia Parish and the City of New Iberia.


2 thoughts on “Iberia Parish Sheriff’s office to layoff 26 employees

  1. Fire every last one of them. Between pensions, health care, insurance, and salary, they suck the wealth out of any community all for the purpose of robbing the people’s wealth and freedom.

    They serve no purpose other than to extract wealth, and keep the population beaten into submission.

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