In the Face of Corporate Tyranny

How many laws do there have to be before freedom and liberty no longer exist?  There are federal laws and regulations, state laws and regulations, county laws and regulations, city and municipality laws and regulations.  The fact is the average citizen on the street cannot realistically know every law and regulation affecting his or her life.  It has come to the point that literally every thought and movement of the citizen is regulated in one way or another.

This has been accomplished through the international corporate mafia’s seizure of all land within the borders of the United States, through the infiltration and usurpation of our government.  The person who owns the land regulates everything upon that land, including the human being.  In truth there is no freedom left in the United States of America as you cannot have a free man without free land for him to stand upon.

Now corporate regulation is just that.  It is open faced subject matter merchant law, which is open to interpretation.  And if one controls those interpreting the law, one in essence controls the law.  The merchants make their own laws and enforce them outside and away from our Constitution.

Now as previously mentioned, there now exists unconstitutional laws designed to control every aspect of human activity.  And every law created, that diminishes in any way a constitutionally guaranteed right, flows from the merchant law of the corporations into the public law of we the people.

So how is this accomplished?  Through the Commerce Clause.  You see the government was in actuality never supposed to contract with the people outside of the Constitution, as any such contracting would be an alteration of the Constitution without a Constitutional Convention.  So through the Commerce Clause the corporations contracted with the government, which is lawful solely for carrying out the business of we the people, hence corporate licensing and taxation.

This is where the Commerce Clause comes into play.  Now we the people were never supposed to be licensed nor regulated in any way as such licensing/contracting alters our unalienable rights contained within the Constitution.  Over the past hundred years we the people have contracted our rights away by contracting with the corporations (for employment), who are in reality the government.

When you go down to get a driver license you are contracting for a commercial license to operate a commercial vehicle on the public road.  You say, “No, that car belongs to me.”  I say “No, you are ignorant.  When you register your car with the state, you are in reality signing over possession to the state, who then issues you a title, which comes with conditions for you operating their commercial vehicle that you hold a titled interest in.”  This is the simplest way I can think of to show how the merchant law has been woven into our lives and now is nullifying all of our natural rights under the Constitution.

When Ron Paul speaks of deregulation for we the people this is what he is talking about.  We are not free if we do not own our own land, vehicles, and other private property without condition.  If there is a condition our use is regulated.  If we want to do work for one another and can only do so through licensing, this is not free enterprise as it is conditional and regulated.

A corporation is an entity created by at least three citizens and it is sanctioned under the Constitution.  This is what the Commerce Clause is supposed to be for.  Our founding fathers knew that people would try to form power monopolies in order to gain control over their fellow citizens and their resources.  So the Commerce Clause was put in, to make sure that these corporations did not steal from, nor violate the rights of the individual.

They just about have it completely turned around now to the point that a corporation is for the specific purpose of exploiting and robbing the individual of his or her rights to be free and stealing his or share of our resources.

The people need to be deregulated so that we can take back control of our government.  Then we can once again use the Commerce Clause for the purpose it was intended and that was not to allow corporations to accumulate more power than any one individual.

If Ron Paul gives us back our Constitution verbatim we can have our unconditional rights back.  No more paying the government to live on our own land, drive our own cars, or to participate in enterprise among ourselves.  The Supreme Court has ruled three times that taxes on the citizen’s income are unconstitutional and taxes on corporate profits are constitutional and the aforementioned is why.

Our Constitution was made simple so we as individuals could use it without the aid of an attorney to defend ourselves.  And now our final protection, the twelve person jury has effectively been replaced with a twelve person politburo made up of ex-corporate CEO’s hell bent on enslaving us.

Maybe we can get it all back if we can last long enough to get Ron Paul into office.  If not we are going to have to wipe the table clean because the mess that has been made is so big that to try and dismantle it with a reverse procedure would take fifty years.  We don’t have fifty years.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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