Indiana Chemtrails

IMG_3219Here is what I saw on the way to work this morning. They have been doing the “short run” spraying this morning. Notice the tandem planes I caught halfway to work. No denying they started and turned in tandem, and were at such a low altitude I could see the engine cowls on the fuselages – no contrails were they.

I have also noticed the brown haze of late – remember, we live in flat-land Indiana – no smog here, and it is too early in the season for it to be dust from field plowing operations (see last pic).  

I have been explaining to my son that the parameters of warfare go beyond men with guns shooting at you – that economic (monetary system/manufacturing/illegal foreign workers/burdensome taxation); intellectual (propaganda in press & government schools/cultural “zeitgeist” conditioning via media, politics & compromised 501C government churches and the misrepresentation of history); and chemical (chemtrails/vaccinations/sodium fluoride in the water supplies/compromised and suspicious so-called “food and food by-products”) are all part of the current warfare against the American National.

I explained that the men with guns come last, after the people have been sufficiently softened up by the former assaults, and that by all reason and morality, we are already beyond the point of justification to hang the foreign assailants and internal traitors.

I believe he (and hopefully everyone that reads this) now understands the reality of it.

God Bless the Republic;
No king but King Jesus!









3 thoughts on “Indiana Chemtrails

  1. Great post Darzak… I”m a flatlander too… yesterday you could taste it in the fog…. What sucks is a lot of us do not work inside… Keep up the good work… Write some more for us, you did an awesome job…. Thanks again….

  2. Darzak, I feel for you. Seen many a sky where I live just like this. Fills me with rage! Lucifer, the sob never quits. Life is an eternally vigilant contest!

  3. My co-workers were bitching today because they haven’t seen the sun in a long time. I told them, “No shit. The idiots keep spraying the damn skies and you can never see the sun anymore”.

    All I got was awkward silence.

    I still don’t get how some people, even the young ones can’t just look up at the sky once in awhile and see it. How anyone for that matter, young or old, can be oblivious to it all, is beyond me. I mean it’s right there as if someone is shooting fireworks or spraying a can of aerosol at you. WTH?

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