FCC releases 313 pages of Internet rules

The Hill – by Mario Trujillo

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday released the full text of its net neutrality rules, which were approved two weeks ago.

The document runs 400 pages, which includes the statements of the five commissioners. Without the statements, the document runs 313 pages.   

The rules were approved on a 3-2 vote and have proved controversial throughout the yearlong rule-making process.

The rules would reclassify broadband Internet as a telecommunications service in order to enforce strict rules, barring Internet service providers from blocking, slowing or prioritizing any bit of Internet traffic above another.

For months, critics and Republicans in Congress had called on the FCC to release the text of the rules early, given the huge interest surrounding them.

Despite the pressure, FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler chose to stick with precedent and release the final version of the rules after they were approved.

The two GOP commissioners’ dissents make up the final 79 pages of the document. Internet service providers and other critics will begin reading through the order to find potential holes for legal challenges.

AT&T, which opposes the rules, quickly released a statement arguing that Congress or the courts would eventually have to resolve the issue.

“Unfortunately, the order released today begins a period of uncertainty that will damage broadband investment in the United States. Ultimately, though, we are confident the issue will be resolved by bipartisan action by Congress or a future FCC, or by the courts,” AT&T Vice President Jim Cicconi said in a statement.

FCC Net Neutrality Order


2 thoughts on “FCC releases 313 pages of Internet rules

  1. As others have noted, this is as classic lose-lose situation.
    Trust government or corporations to keep things fair.
    Corporations and government are the same thing in the USA.
    It’s called fascism.

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