Info on a Jade Helm Operations Planner

Sent to us by Harold.

Did some quick research on my computer about one of the persons behind this Jade Helm operation (articles herehere and here) and it looks like this may involve people who are experts in counterinsurgency and military occupation.  There might even be a chance some Latin American forces could be involved unofficially..

I looked at the contacts on the last slide of the presentation on your website and decided to check into Francisco Oquendo, the Jade Helm Operations planner.  I went with him because the name was unique enough to get a solid lead.  He is a former 7th SF soldier.  

Here’s his linkedin page:

He’s worked for some interesting companies that are very secret.  He was also Vp for operations in Latin America for NEK Advanced Securities Group.  They say they train US special forces, but why do they have a Latin America operation (plus others).  I suspect he was involved in training SF from Central or South America.

Here’s some reports on NEK:

One of NEK’s specialities is Counterinsurgency Anthropology, which is defined as “a culturally nuanced form of military occupation.”  See this article:

NEK is mentioned in the piece.

I think you can put the pieces together.  A secret company that has close relations with foreign special forces units and specialized in military occupation.

I bet the others also have interesting histories too.

2 thoughts on “Info on a Jade Helm Operations Planner

  1. They’re ramping up for the big party. They know its coming, we know its coming. It just needs an incident to touch it off.

  2. Grrrrrrrreat!-So now we have specialty “boutique” PMC’s?

    Counter insurgency anthropology? How much ya wanna bet 1/3 of their employees can even spell it correctly? -let alone give ya the definition & use in a full sentence the latter half of word?-Grunting doesn’t count.

    Maybe they would benefit from some “sensitivity training” on the subject?…..That, or maybe it would be easier for them to use an acronym instead?…C.I.A

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