Obama floats making voting mandatory, calling it ‘potentially transformative’

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They say the only two things that are certain in life are death and taxes. President Barack Obama wants to add one more: voting.

Obama floated the idea of mandatory voting in the U.S. while speaking to a civic group in Cleveland on Wednesday. Asked about the influence of money in U.S. elections, Obama digressed into the topic of voting rights and said the U.S. should be making it easier for people to vote.  

Just ask Australia, where citizens have no choice but to vote, the president said.

“If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country,” Obama said, calling it “potentially transformative.” Not only that, Obama said, but universal voting would “counteract money more than anything.”

Disproportionately, Americans who skip the polls on Election Day are younger, lower-income and more likely to be immigrants or minorities, Obama said. “There’s a reason why some folks try to keep them away from the polls,” he said in a veiled reference to voter identification laws in a number of states.

Less than 37 percent of eligible voters cast ballots in the 2014 midterms, according to the United States Election Project. And a Pew Research Center study found that those avoiding the polls in 2014 tended to be younger, poorer, less educated and more racially diverse.

At least two dozen countries have some form of compulsory voting, including Belgium, Brazil and Argentina. In many systems, absconders must provide a valid excuse or face a fine, although a few countries have laws on the books that allow for potential imprisonment.

At issue, Obama said, is the sway that those with money can have on U.S. elections, where low overall turnout often gives an advantage to the party best able to turn out its base. Obama has opposed Citizens United and other court rulings that cleared the way for super PACs and unlimited campaign spending, but embraced such groups in his 2012 re-election campaign out of fear he’d be outspent.

Obama said he thought it would be “fun” for the U.S. to consider amending the Constitution to change the role that money plays in the electoral system. But don’t hold your breath.

“Realistically, given the requirements of that process, that would be a long-term proposition,” he said.



11 thoughts on “Obama floats making voting mandatory, calling it ‘potentially transformative’

  1. So you are going to put me in prison if I don’t vote now? What a sick son of a bitch!

    ““If everybody voted, then it would completely change the political map in this country,” Obama said, calling it “potentially transformative.” Not only that, Obama said, but universal voting would “counteract money more than anything.””

    The bastard just wants to make it mandatory because he knows no one is voting or participating in the fraud in this country and he can’t get a law passed to allow the illegals to legally vote for him and his Commie pals to make it look legit.

  2. By the way, UP YOURS, BARRY!

    ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
    ……….”…\………. _.•´

  3. Notice, though, no mention of a F*CKING PAID DAY OFF NATIONAL HOLIDAY if there’s mandatory voting. Isn’t that interesting? So, if they burden us with mandatory voting, of course don’t give a paid day off to do it!!! That would make too much sense!

  4. They are only trying to legitimize their circus side show, fake elections. I will vote with hot lead. Last I checked I was not owned by anyone. I think we should return the favor and have a return of slavery, but only for Barry. My lawn could use some cleaning.

  5. any country or government that has to force you to do anything.. you are not FREE

    the reason our voting numbers are so low is completely due to disenfranchisement .. and Obama takes the cake on that

  6. So the guy who raised 2 billion dollars for his elections, is against voter identification laws, and flooded our country with illegal immigrants, wants to make voting mandatory to counter money influencing election’s. Why not bring back slavery why your at it, barry. A white President to set the blacks free, a black president to try and enslave everyone. Somebody, give that man an Ido10t form, he desperately needs one.

  7. I’d love to vote. When are we going to have real elections?

    As long as the crooked voting machines, and the lack of choice remain, I’m not voting, regardless of any new laws.

    “Vote for Romney because he beat up his opposition’s delegates. He’s a leader we can trust”.

    “Vote Clinton because they’re experienced drug smugglers, and that’s good for America’s economy”.

    “Vote Bush because of his family’s long history of screwing the American people, and face it, you love being screwed.”

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