Iran to Execute 4 Bankers on Fraud Charges

Wealth Wire – Brittany Stepniak

Iran’s judiciary system recently worked through the biggest banking fraud case in the nation’s history.

According to The New York Times, the outcome of the case was made official on Monday. Results were dramatic to say the least.

Judiciary spokesman Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei told reporters that four people had been officially sentenced to death on charges of corruption and “disrupting the country’s economic system.”

The guilty party was responsible for mishandling $2.6 billion of funds – using forged documents in order to receive credit from banks, permitting them to purchase state-owned companies.

From PressTV:

According to the indictment, the owners of Aria Investment Development Company, which is at the center of the controversy, had bribed bank managers to get loans and letters of credit. The company has more than 35 offshoots which are active in diverse business activities.

The four are Mahafarid Amir-Khosravi…[the prime suspect], Behdad Behzadi, his legal advisor, Iraj Shoja, his financial solicitor and Saeed Kiani Rezazadeh, head of the Ahvaz branch of Saderat Bank,” he [Gholam-Hossein Mohseni-Ejei] said.

Additionally, the president of the Bank Melli branch in Kish was condemned to life in prison. The former deputy minister Khodamorad Ahmadi has been ordered to spend a decade in prison as well, according to Iran’s attorney general, Mohseni-Ejei.

Several others involved in this infamous scandal have also been slapped with heavy fines and many have also been prohibited from holding public office.

Economist Nouriel Roubini added his two cents on the subject, reporting to Bloomberg:

“Bankers are greedy; they’ve been greedy for the last hundreds of years…t’s not a question if they are more immoral today then they were a thousand years ago, you have to make sure they behave in ways in which you minimize those risks.”

This message surely hits a little too close to home for central bankers across the globe who have been engaged with fraud and corruption in the past or present.

Constituents and political leaders spend a big chunk of time debating over how to deal with our crumbling economy. Ending system abuse from insiders and the Fed alike would undoubtedly have a positive ripple effect, but how is that goal going to be achieved? Thus far, not a single chief central banker has been arrested in light of the financial crisis.

This is completely asinine.

They keep making more money, while we struggle to thrive in the middle class. The brutal truth is that banks prosper when people are on welfare. They’re invested in keeping you down and could care less about your American Dream.

Perhaps Iran is on to something by enforcing real consequences when insiders mess with the country’s entire economic system. The death sentence decision is obviously harsh (Iran’s justice system is pretty harsh in general). Alas, what’s decided cannot be undone. They said they are trying to set an example.

Elite criminals shouldn’t be treated differently than any other criminal; they should be prosecuted, not protected.

30 thoughts on “Iran to Execute 4 Bankers on Fraud Charges

  1. We need the IRANIAN SOLUTION from shore to shining shore,try em and hang um then try some more and hang um then on to the dual-nationalities but I repeat myself.

  2. “They keep making more money, while we struggle to thrive in the middle class. The brutal truth is that banks prosper when people are on welfare. They’re invested in keeping you down and could care less about your American Dream.”

    The above paragraph couldn’t have been more correct

    Below is proof of that:

    Here is how JP Morgan gets rich off food stamps

    “Food stamps are going to increase this year by a huge margin and no bankster corporation could be happier than J. P Morgan. Why? Because they control the whole enchilada. These are the people that deal with the money coming in and going out for the entire food stamp market. They loan the money to make it happen and get rich by doing so.

    They have become the new slave owners of America. They have a huge interest in poverty and maintaining subsistence. How convenient, since they are also the crooks who help contribute to the poverty that the nation now faces. These pieces of garbage are now profiting from both ends of the spectrum. It’s a huge business with 100% margins. This trash relies on lobbying efforts in Washington, that fight for no new changes in policies that reverse any trends that would reverse poverty in America.

    These tricksters are the enemy of the people in ways that can only be described as pure evil. The American people are kept from the truth because this is how the New World Order operates, under disguise of helping others while profiteering from their misery. Disclosure is a bad word with these people, because their engineering of poverty is what makes them money; how would you disclose that to the American people? Their real agenda is kept as close to the chest as Obama’s real birth certificate, believe me.

    These clowns also operate the Pay Day loan shops that loan money to people at 200 to 300 percent at annualized rates, defrauding the American public even more. People, we are being hit by all sides here and our illustrious leadership, does nothing to protect us from this trash.

    J.P. Morgan has the work of the American slave doing the work for them, by using their food stamp money. They simply loan the money to some company that issues food stamps, loaning about a billion dollars, who then spend about $50,000 to manufacture swipe cards and give them to slaves who use them to buy a gallon of milk at Wal-Mart, then the money gets kicked back. Of course Wal-Mart then creates the lobbying efforts to get the laws passed to favor J.P Morgan, to keep the vicious cycle rolling pathetically along like it’s just another day at Disney World.

    An operation no different than the British slave trade business some 200 years ago, which was an integral part of the British economy. Forcing African slaves on British ships, then sailing to the West Indies; forcing them to work on the sugar plantations, and then selling the manufactured rum back to the British people. It was a vicious triangle no different from what is going on here.

    The money goes from J.P Morgan, then to Wal-Mart, then to Washington, then back to J.P Morgan; creating a slave trade triangle, making us all look like a bunch of fools. The plan being to get everybody on a subsistence way of thinking, knowing full well there won’t be enough jobs to keep everybody employed; keeping our heads underwater, while the rich continue to stay fat.

    J.P Morgan likes it when 1 in 8 people are on food stamps; this makes them huge amounts of money while keeping people on subsistence, a vicious and cruel cycle. These people currently have no health insurance and are mainly families on minimum wage or unemployment. These people soon will be forced to pay into health insurance by slave traders such as J.P Morgan, doing exactly the same thing with health insurance as they are doing with the food stamps.

    This is the kinds of trash our government protects by giving huge tax cuts, an example being the $400 billion dollar tax credit to the wealthy, while only giving the unemployed pathetically less, resulting in the epitome of all con jobs.

    This is all part of the “New World Order” and it stinks to high heaven people. We need to return the ways of 20 years ago. Get rid of the computers; bring back manual labor at assembly lines. Computer automation has become a scourge to the working man, and must to be eliminated. We have to find ways for the middle class American to keep working, by eliminating things such as automation. There are simply not enough jobs for the amount of people if we keep on this path.

    Future generations will be born into slavery by the way things are shaping up people. How can a jobless person or a family on food stamps afford to be forced to pay into medical insurance? The only alternative will be to borrow, thus making corporations such as J.P Morgan even more money, by turning us in to a bunch of slaves, always owing something to somebody.

    We are in so much debt now, that it will take a thousand years to pay off. So much money has been borrowed against deposits there is no other alternative. The fractional banking comedy act that is being used now is only a smoke screen; this is the epitome of the “3 Card Monte”.

    We have become a rich region, full of poor people.

    Fight for a free society. God bless the republic of the United States of America.”

    1. The latest banker scam is to load this stolen wealth(food stamps) onto “debit cards” then charge a fee for each transaction.I havent paid taxes in 20 yrs have my own shop, told the fkn tax man to KMA if he wanted tax collected on my sweat and labor from my customers collect it his self i dont work for you and you have no claim on my labor,its not an easy life but its mine 100% mine.The only way to kill this beast is to stop feeding it yes it will lean you down but it will kill the beast.As far as all this debt nonsense IT’S NOT OUR DEBT norway jailed the bankers(I prefer then iran option) refute the debtm quit paying ,work for barter develop a skill, each and every one of us has a knack for doing somthing and their are plenty of folks who need your individual skill–leave their system and their phonl retirement security scams and live simple and free,its not easy but neither is living as a slave.

  3. That sure looked like a mighty fine hemp rope in the cover picture for this article. I say we just drag these banking sons of bitches right out of there houses and hang ’em high. It would be a good start anyway.

  4. The Iranians have DEFINITELY come up with the best method of dealing with these parasitic bloodsucking leeches that I’ve seen so far. This ‘final
    solution’ is the only one that will stop these scumsucking pukes.

    Drastic? YOU BET!!! But drastic times call for drastic measures.

    Iran just went up a few more notches in my estimation. Good job!

  5. Ever hear of the list of countries who didn’t have a central bank. Now compare that list with the countries under attack by drones or troops.

  6. American BAR courts do not hold the bank officers accountable. The courts are only interested in making money and not justice. A small fine and fees to the courts make fraud all better and the bank officers can go back to doing the same thing over again. Fines are only part of the cost of doing business to the bankers. Only when the bank officers are held accountable for their actions, will we then see some reform in banking.

  7. I cannot fault Iran for this one.
    Iran had a revolution to get the foreign powers out of their country.
    With out the Revolution to make the country their own again, the bankers would be almost as impossible to reach as they are here.
    Iran is what we should be doing. Putting the SCUM on trial.
    I cannot condone hanging, but the crimes should be dealt with harshly.

    Unfortunately, there are too many layers in the way, the result of over a century of planned structure in place protected by the mumble jumble of laws and treaties and courts and lawyers and other vermin who only exist to protect those who need prosecution.

    1. maybe you could outsource – i mean rendition them to Iran? 😉

      a dark night,
      a bag over the head,
      a private jet – or an airbus a380 full of them(lol).
      followed by a quick trip to a secret detention unit.

    2. George W YOU DO UNDERSTAND THE LAWFULL PENALTY FOR TREASON IS HANGING I would suggest you get on board or go AWAY this is MANS work and condoning has nothing to do with it.They attacked us ,stole our wealth,children,homes, and FUTURE.If you dont have the stomach for whats ahead leave us in peace as Ive repeatedly told these invaders GET OUT OF MY COUNTRY if you dont like the rules and regulations layed out in the bill of rights and us constitution.Their silly self serving “codes” and “statutes” wont save them from justice.

      1. Steve Apple,
        I will not allow myself to get into my emotions on such an important issue.
        I will measure my thoughts with reason and support what is right, which by the way, is not that different than what you put forth in your reply.
        The Psychopaths residing at the top of the one dollar bill’s triangle may some day face the music they deserve.
        But I still have my reasons to not condone the hangings.

        1. The only important issue is FREEDOM not you or any other has the right to take mine or any others,they have stolen our land locked up our family and committed TREASON against all of america.I hope they show you the molly coddley compassion you waller in as I and many here have seen the outright BRUTALITY being waged on woman(hogtieing preggys is intolerable in a civilised country) jailing school kids for “hello kitty bubble guns ,instilling FEAR 24/7 jailing millions of fellow americans for nothing more than fkn PROFIT and reducing us to ABSOLUTE DESPOTISM and its not just a handfull of j-ws at the top each and every enabler will be sought out and severley tried and punished to the FULLEST EXTENT OF THE LAW for the LONG LONG TRAIN OF ABUSES they have committed here and around the world.Depart from us,we are AMERICAN MEN and we will tolerate no shirkers for the duty each of us is being FORCED into,tell that to your MASTERS.

          1. OK Steve, I will leave you and your site alone.

            I would not want anyone to become too incensed at someone who does not disagree with most of your points.

          2. Its not my site gorge(you should stick around for the free education on how men behave),but it is my COUNTRYand you and your kind need to get the f%$#k out if you dont like the rules, laws and our CONSTITUTION,I just started posting here less than a month ago and am PROUD to be amongst my own and take that fkn african with you. Oh and by the by I am in complete control of my emotions and actions which is a good thing for you and your kind.I doubt if any of your pansie type can get me excited let alone incensed,as I was brought up with the knowledge that “sticks and stones can break bones” but words mere letters put toghther can never ever hurt a man,they can only mislead for awhile

          3. Steve, excuse me for mistaking your ownership of this site, I stand corrected.
            You do not play nice with posters you know ABSOLUTLY nothing about.
            Also, it is always a bad choice to assume, Steve, it makes an **s out of you, as the saying goes.
            I will give you this though Steve, you figured out I am not an American.
            I am a Canadian, an average Canadian and guess what, I live in Canada.
            So I cannot take your President with me, as I am not there to leave and I would not like to travel with him as watching him speak, makes me ill. Everything unfolding in the US are of GREAT concern to me, to Canada and the World, but I am just an observer so I can only offer moral support at this time.
            Also, I am probably more aware of what is happening in America than the majority of Americans.
            Good Luck, Steve Apple.

        2. GeorgeW the problem with your non-solution of NOT hanging them is that like the cockroaches they are, they will continue to multiply.

          Since you are so adverse to hanging, would you be more amenable to a firing squad?

          Leaving these Satanic bloodsucking maggots alive is NOT an option.

          You may believe in “live and let live”, but I can assure you THEY DO NOT!

          1. Look what the fkn j-ws have done to canada and still you want to “not offend ” these serpants,it is you who plays tooooo nice which make not an ass but a SLAVE out of you,as for uninformed I am in the middle of one of the most desolate backwards states in the union and IM AWARE.The time for ” playing nice and tolerant and accepting every kind of third world diversity is way way over and one other thing IT IS NOT ABOUT LUCK it is about our very survival,I tried to live back in the woods to get away from the filth and corruption but they just followed me here so really what choice do I/we have in fighting for our very lives.I dont have a choice.

          2. #1 NWO Hatr,

            There is no such thing as live and let live, except in the world of sheeple.

            I am not blind to the immorality of those, who in their position of power should be looking after the best interests of their people, yet they only manipulate and trick them into destroying themselves.

            When trials to prosecute those guilty of this treason take place, I have no problem with hanging THEM.

            When the SHTF in America, like it has in all the Middle Eastern countries, there will be no live or let live, only cold hard reality, and during those times, no mercy will be given to the guilty, and at that time those little fish like the Banksters in Iran would receive the justice of the angry masses.
            As for those Iran Banksters, I quote a famous secretary of state
            “What difference at this point does it make”

          3. @ Steve at 6:15. Steve, are you aware that you were replying to #1 NWO Hater? I think you were refering to that GeorgeW guy from Canada weren`t you?, yea Steve, I am sure you were refering to GeorgeW.

  8. DiggerDan @6:55 Correct #1 is on the home team as are you and all those AMERICANS on this site,I have made no secret that I am mostly innept on this putor thing but I would never argue with a man who is the # 1hatr of the NWO but Im a real close second, I think the canadian knows it was for him,it is easy to tell why he pussy foots around the j-ws they own his country (look what they did to Mr.Zundel) and hes too cowardly to stand up to his masters and probably feels brave when he types the word “zionist” but he has no shame or he would change the DUBYA handle

    1. Yeah, I thought that pretty much sucked the way they let Germany extradite him.

      Despicable, to say the least.

      1. Like every move they make it backfired and woke up support world wide.Its a funny thing that only lies have to have laws to support their existance where as the truth can stand on its own,seems to me ol gorge dubya would fight for his own country instead of being a disruption here but hey he is a can a dian,which reminds me of the only canadian joke i know .Why do cans only do it doggie style they can watch the hockey game.

        1. What I found to be deplorable was when the judge in his case stated that “The truth is NOT a defense.”

          A sad commentary on the fallen world we live in.

    2. Yea I knew that you were responding to DUBYA. I had to bring that up though. I am sure #1 knew that too. LOL you noticed that screen name too eh Steve. I guess GeorgeW doesn`t get it or just doesn`t understand about that name, and that is too bad for GW. God I don`t like that Bush family………………..Any way it is time to call it a night. See you guys tommorow I hope. Good night ya`ll.

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