Israeli perimeter protection systems – around the world

The port of MombasaiHLS – by Dan Arkin

magal is currently completing the first phase of a large scale project for the perimeter protection of the main harbor of Mombasa, Kenya from attempts of sabotage, intrusion, terror and criminal activity. In the past, magal deployed perimeter protection systems in a great number of critical sites around the world, such as the Delhi airport and oil fields in a South American country.  

magal has been well known for about 40 years for its development and production of perimeter protection systems (smart fences). What is less known is that since the beginning of the 90s magal has also been supplying comprehensive protection solutions, sometimes even without perimeter protection. For instance, in protection of cities, the so called `Smart City`,magal is a world leader providing 15% of the world market, with the next vendor supplying less than half of this amount.

• The field of protecting commercial harbors has enjoyed considerable growth since September 11. Many countries are afraid of attempts of `dirty` bombs entering into their terrain through the harbors, and therefore consider the protection of naval transport as an important challenge. World authorities, inspired by those in the U.S.A., published mandatory standards for the protection of sea ports, which are obligatory in many countries. In this context, with the assistance of the World Bank, the authorities in Kenya published a large scale tender for the installation of a comprehensive solution for protecting the Mombasa harbor in Kenya, of which the first phase is currently being completed. According to Hagay Katz, VP of marketing, “It is quite challenging to protect a sea port, that includes a sea side and a land side, and in which there is a lot of traffic of vessels, people and vehicles. magal is installing a wide variety of means of protection, including smart fences, cameras that photograph the sea, thermal cameras, entrance control, means for automatic identification of car license plates, radio sets, announcement systems, command and control systems and others.

• In another,already completed project, in the protection of the Indira Gandhi airport in Delhi, one of the largest airports in Asia, magal implemented its multilayer concept for protection of sensitive targets, including several elements and layers. The multitude of layers implements the complete concept of magal for protecting open space in sensitive sites: clear marking of the site borders, deterrence, reliable detection in all weather conditions, as well as the handling of the threat by an intervention force. The perimeter protection system ofmagal at the Delhi airport includes four layers of protection: a smart fence based on stretched barbed wire and sensors as the external layer, with a parallel layer based on cable buried in the ground, used as a hidden detector providing alerts on intrusions, radar equipment for early detection and surveillance in open areas, and a system of cameras. All the layers are interconnected with an advanced command and control system providing a full, synchronized, picture of the entire arena, the used means and the relevant activity of the security forces.

• In an oil field in a South American Country, magal was invited to install perimeter protection systems for more than 80 pumps, pumping oil form the depth of earth. The company used a method of fenceless protection. Cables were buried in the ground creating an invisible virtual fence, with poles scattered around the site with cameras and loudspeakers. An intruder passing the virtual fence is followed by the control room, recorded, and it is possible to address him telling him to leave the ground, or to send security personnel to intercept him.

5 thoughts on “Israeli perimeter protection systems – around the world

  1. And I bet there is either a collection of data or a live feed from many of these installations sent to an undisclosed IP in the Negev desert too and one wonders what back doors and private keys were installed too.

  2. Don’t you just love the “SMART” technology for everything.

    It’s funny. The governments want the people around the world to follow “SMART” technology (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) and then store the information in a central computer, while THEY follow “DUMB” technology (AKA Deep Underground Military Bases).

    Now how ironic, is that?

  3. Seriously, what kind of an idiot would trust an AshkeNAZI, Zionist so-called ‘jewish’ company to provide security for them?

    Especially since Israhell is the country they should be the most concerned about.

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