Israel’s New Secret Weapon Unveiled

NC Renegade  The reports that Israel has developed a secret weapon that will be used in the upcoming war with Iran has been unveiled. If used, one or more electromagnetic pulses will make this a short but devastating war for Iran. Although the Iranian military has prepared for this contingency by hardening their critical facilities, the rest of the country will suffer the consequences: no electrical power, no communications and no modern conveniences. Most automobiles and buses will be useless and oil production for supporting their economy will be zero.

Under these conditions, the government will collapse as the Iranian people will accept any conditions to restore “civilization”. Also under this scenario, Israel has no need for support from the United States.

David DeGerolamo

‘Israel could send Iran back to Stone Age’

British newspaper Sunday Times has exposed one of the “surprises” the Israel Defense Forces has in store in case of a military strike in Iran.

According to the Sunday morning report, the Jewish state could cripple the Islamic Republic’s power grid with electromagnetic pulses as part of a concerted attack to halt Iran’s military nuclear program, which could “send Iran back to the Stone Age.”

The report, by Uzi Mahnaimi, claims that the possible use of such a weapon has been raised in several quarters as a debate rages among Israel’s politicians about whether a swift strike should be launched against Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Bill Gertz, a veteran American defense specialist, is quoted as saying that US intelligence agencies have reported “growing concerns that Israel will conduct a strike on Iran using a high-altitude nuclear burst aimed at disrupting all electronics in the country.”


21 thoughts on “Israel’s New Secret Weapon Unveiled

  1. I DID NOT like the sound of this when I first read it.

    I only hope that Iran is capable of returning the favor.


  2. #1, I have seen this coming for months now. Actually, I’m expecting an EMP on our country first, blame Iran and maybe the U.S. and Israel will retaliate against Iran using it. That’s why I have been doing my damnest to either print out or write out all of the important documents I have whether Military or personal. I have a feeling and have had a feeling since the beginning of the year that the next war will be an EMP one and anything not grounded or protected by a Faraday cage will be useless. Remember: WWI technology were submarines and airplanes. WWII was the nuclear bomb and now WWIII has to have some kind of special weapon (possibly a computer virus or an EMP) as well since the Military Industrial Complex needs to test it on someone or some thing. It’s a scary thought, but given history’s track record, it’s definitely up there on the military’s list of weapons. If I were you, I’d start turning all of my electric copies of everything into hard paper copies of everything, just in case or make sure your computer area has a Faraday Cage around it to protect it from an EMP blast. However, having a Faraday Cage built might not be worthwhile in the end because when you think about it, after the EMP blast hits, there will probably be no electricity in your area for miles for who knows how long and your laptop battery will only last a few hours before it goes, too. But if you have a backup generator, (which most people don’t and that includes me) then that may be a difference story. Just something for you to think about ahead of time.

  3. EMP weapons are useless against Diesel engines with mechanical injection,
    Fibre optic communications, lighting or weapons control systems. EMP
    is also useless against ramjet aircraft engines. Iran has developed ramJet cruise missiles with inertial guidance immune to EMP. It is also
    possible to shield standard electrical system against EMP. Iran has
    the technology to rain missiles down on Israel if Israel is foolish enough to
    start this war and there is no technology on earth that can stop Iran from
    doing that.

    1. As a Canadian citizen I’m shocked at the level Harpoon will stoop to suck Netanyahoo’s weenie. Oh well, Canadians are as a population as stupid as the Americans. We are quite doomed so people stop this nonsense about preparing for a major dislocation. It’s all over and no one will survive but if it makes you happy to think you can escape it then by all means go for it because really hope is the only thing we will have left. Incidentally Iran will devastate Israel easily and sink almost every US ship in the Straights. Canada is full of Iranians that are now neutral but will go out and kill any of our Canadian leaders that dare participate in trying to destroy Iranian society even of they disagree with the current Iranian government. Iranians are not cowards like those Iraqi weasels. China will most certainly retaliate against the west as well.

      Funny thing, I’m Jewish but starting to hate Israel but alas I’m not getting involved because I’m an equal opportunity hater LOL and am busy trying to get sharks fin products banned. So, my fellow Israelis, get rid of that bum Netty and cut the crap once and for all.

  4. I’ll bet the Israel placement of thermo nuclear bombings in WTC 1 and 2 were also Israel NEW inventions.
    Don’t kid yourselves that this statement is balony. This week a CIA agent has written a book on it.sad no media or internet site has picked it up–only the hour long interview.

    1. Most of us thoroughly realize that any ‘new’ technology any governments reveal, they’ve most likely had for decades, (or at least the basics of it)

      We just like to act surprised for the benefit of the ‘government’ trolls who monitor these sites, just for chucks and giggles.

      1. p.s. By the way, George, since you know about the mini-nukes they used on the Twin Towers, did you also know that the ‘planes’ that were ‘flown’ into them were nothing more than holograms?

        1. Nothing new about micro-nukes specifically designed for demolitions use. Three major patents are held by the leading demo-corp and they applied for them decades ago.. These things exist so of course, they’re going to use them.

    2. George Archers,
      Wrong. The technology is developed right here in the United States. And after we have paid for that development, it is turned over to our Zionist masters to use against us.
      It is like the war in Iraq. We gave weaponry to the Israelis. They sold that weaponry to China. China sold that weaponry to Iraq. That weaponry was then used to kill our soldiers as they conquered Iraq to give it’s resources over to the Israelis. You see these Zionists have to acquire wealth as they commit their treachery.

  5. Just because the capability is there, and because they, or anyone, can implement this technology, doesn’t mean it will work when it IS implemented. There is more going on in this world than meets the eye. My case in point … the missiles that were deployed but never left their silos, or missiles who’s warheads were disengaged and never exploded or fully loaded guns that went “click” and the bullets never deployed. Hmmmm …. just a funny coincidence I guess.

  6. EMP weapons are potentially devastating only within a two mile radius, and then, if the air is humid or it is raining they are virtually useless. Such a weapon would trip the automated breakers on the power grid, possibly blow a generator or two, and the lights would be back on. EMP is NOT as advertised. It will wipe out land based copper wire telephone systems and 10/100/1000 computer networks, and set off burglar alarms and that is about it.

    EMP weapons are effective only within 100 yards or so of a hardened target, and “hardened” would loosely include laptop computers, which would mainly be safe at a half mile distance, a mile out forget it because the diminishing effects are a cubed function of volume the EMP has to fill.

    The reason for all the EMP fear porn, when EMP has NEVER been known to actually cause significant damage, is to provide a plausible excuse when they destroy the computers. You read that right, there has NEVER been a recorded case of an EMP device blowing out so much as an AM radio, let alone a computer. However, since people BELIEVE EMP will, the elite have a tool of ignorance they can use to knock us back to the stone age.

    Let me explain –

    Many intel procssors are now permanently hooked up to the 3g cell network, and the user does not even know. This applies to All Intel processors Sandy Bridge and later. These processors have an internal fuse that can be blown open upon a command from the 3g cell network, which will render the processor totally DEAD.

    On top of that, the remaining processors can be destroyed simply by having the bios raise the CPU core voltages to the max, while bumping the clock frequency to the max, disabling thermal shutdown, and then commanding the processor to solve complex math. Most processors will last no more than 20 seconds before total destruction.

    Modern computers are EMP hardened or EMP PROOF, a fact never told to you by the scamming media. All pins on all modern chips now have bi directional zener diodes that will alleviate any spike that is over twice the max operating voltage, which makes the chips immune to EMP. A short spike of only twice the operating voltage won’t damage a chip, the most it would do is cause a blue screen, and force you to reboot.

    So when your computer fries, blame the governent for burning it up with the bios, or by triggering the Sandy Bridge kill switch.

    It took 3 tries to type this, it got deleted THREE TIMES, right in front of me. Perhaps because I am Ex-NSA, and now on the freedom side of the fence.

    Ignorance is bliss, and if the elite want us to go back to a new stone age, ignorance about how ALL computers (made after 1998 or so) are EMP hardened will be our undoing.

    The reason why these diodes were put into all the chips was to eliminate warranty returns due to damage caused by static discharge. As a bonus, the computers were then simultaneously made EMP proof ACROSS THE BOARD by the same circuits that protect them from static.

    1. Definitely appreciate the info, Jim.

      Hope it’s valid, as well as your turnaround.

      One can never be too sure these days.

  7. this is not really new or secret israel has this retarded “nuclear ambiguity ” policy but we all know it has 400 or so nukes, there are ways of making convention EMP weapons , but any nuke detonated at the right height above sea level in the atmosphere will create an EMP ,its not really clear how much damage an EMP would actually do ,iran is a big country and its mountainous , damage could be very limited ,faraday cages can protect electronis and many scientist have expressed doubt and differeing opinions on the effects of EMP weapons on certain systems like automobiles for example ,most say it would not really effect them some say maybe but nobody knows for sure,cars though are like faraday cages so i am doubtful ,electrical grid most likely could go down ,but this is nothing new its been knows since the advent of the bombs that EMP can be created with nukes detonated in the atmosphere

  8. Isreal needs to think for a sec; a high tech U.S. drone was brought down with little to no damage; Iranian hacking you say;naw, think again. Iran has access to the same organization that has promised world governments free energy, free water, free healthcare discoveries and free expedient travel forever without fossil fuels. An organization whose technology makes EMPs, machines of war, oil, disease and famine obsolete. Keshe Foundation wants to share; but Israel doesn’t want to share & neither do their oligarc handlers. People of the world-check out Keshe Foundation. They offer peace; Israel offers war. Think about! Why would Canada try to steal Keshe Foundation’s documents and then ban them from Canada for Israel? Why would Obama sign an Executive Order banning Keshe Foundation from the U.S. Cuz, there ain’t no profit in it! War has profit; Peace don’t!

  9. First of all, Israel has no legal authority for attacking Iran, AT ALL! If this “secret” emp weapon (hint: the US used at least one in Fallujah and yes, they are nuclear) is used on Iran then Israel should be turned into a parking lot! The scumbags running the show in the shit-heel country are rapidly sinking their own god damn ship.

  10. The EMP is a hype, and soething they scare people that know absolutly nothing about elecronics, earth what ever you have of electronics and this EMP have to detonate in you livingrom to have an effect.

    This drivel is a camuflage of Tactical Nuclear Missiles, or rockets, hell we all know this, the only question is the size of this so caled tac.nuc is going to be, to have a “significant” effect, they have to dump their intire arsenal of nuclear weponry on Iran, and even that will not stopp mutch.

    The druling idiots in the lunatic asylum , thank god they have a wal sorounding that shitthole Israel, they have managed to take insanity to new and soaring hights.
    And I will not even fu..up my day, a god one with tinking or even try to imagine the consequences is a war, on that level.


  11. They fear another power in the ME that will be responsible with nuclear technology and force them into being responsible themselves. What would Israeli politicians use to keep their people in fear, if they had to accept MAD, mutually assured destruction.

    The Iran threat is so imminent, dubya told us about it in 1999, amongst other failures of imagination…

    Governor George W. Bush “A Period of Consequences” The Citadel
    September 23, 1999


    “And, if elected, I will set three goals: I will renew the bond of trust between the American president and the American military. I will defend the American people against missiles and terror. And I will begin creating the military of the next century.[..]

    But our military requires more than good treatment. It needs the rallying point of a defining mission. And that mission is to deter wars – and win wars when deterrence fails. Sending our military on vague, aimless and endless deployments is the swift solvent of morale.[..]

    My second goal is to build America’s defenses on the troubled frontiers of technology and terror. The protection of America itself will assume a high priority in a new century. Once a strategic afterthought, homeland defense has become an urgent duty.[..]

    For most of our history, America felt safe behind two great oceans. But with the spread of technology, distance no longer means security. North Korea is proving that even a poor and backward country, in the hands of a tyrant, can reach across oceans to threaten us. It has developed missiles capable of hitting Hawaii and Alaska. Iran has made rapid strides in its missile program, and Iraq persists in a race to do the same. In 1996, after some tension over Taiwan, a Chinese general reminded America that China possesses the means to incinerate Los Angeles with nuclear missiles.

    Add to this the threat of biological, chemical and nuclear terrorism – barbarism emboldened by technology. These weapons can be delivered, not just by ballistic missiles, but by everything from airplanes to cruise missiles, from shipping containers to suitcases. And consider the prospect of information warfare, in which hacker terrorists may try to disrupt finance, communication, transportation and public health.[..]

    I will put a high priority on detecting and responding to terrorism on our soil.[..]

    I know this is a world of hard choices and new tasks. A world of terror and missiles and madmen.[..]

    George W. Bush ‘A Distinctly American Internationalism’
    Ronald Reagan Presidential Library – Simi Valley, California
    November 19, 1999

    Two months ago, at the Citadel in South Carolina, I talked about American defense. [..]

    We must protect our homeland and our allies against missiles and terror and blackmail.[..]

    American foreign policy cannot be founded on fear. [..]

    America must be involved in the world. But that does not mean our military is the answer to every difficult foreign policy situation – a substitute for strategy. American internationalism should not mean action without vision, activity without priority, and missions without end – an approach that squanders American will and drains American energy.[..]

    And these are my priorities. (An American president) should defend America’s interests in the Persian Gulf and advance peace in the Middle East, based upon a secure Israel.[..]

    Yet the conduct of China’s government can be alarming abroad, and appalling at home. [..] Meanwhile, the State Department has reported that “all public dissent against the party and government[has been] effectively silenced” – a tragic achievement in a nation of 1.2 billion people. China’s government is an enemy of religious freedom and a sponsor of forced abortion – policies without reason and without mercy.[..]

    There must also be reform of international financial institutions –the World Bank and the IMF. They can be a source of stability in economic crisis. But they should not impose austerity, bailing out bankers while impoverishing a middle class. They should not prop up failed and corrupt financial systems.[..]

    All the aims I’ve described today are important. But they are not imperial.America has never been an empire. We may be the only great power in history that had the chance, and refused – preferring greatness to power and justice to glory.[..]

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