42 thoughts on “JD, Happy Birthday From the Trenches!

  1. Happy Birthday JD! 🙂

    I had to cancel the dancing girls, they all came down with the Zika virus. Katie singing Happy Birthday will have to do. 😆

    1. Hi Deb,

      Hahahaha,… if ALL they have is zika,….. bring them on!!

      JD – US Marines – With my luck,…. Deb hired some female ducks as the “dancing girls”!


      1. Hey! Say what you will about those female ducks! I weeded out all the ones that had (deep breath), Ebola, anthrax, measles, avian flu, Middle East respiratory syndrome, bubonic plague, legionaries disease, chicken pox West Nile virus and yellow fever. Zika was the least of your worries! I’ll make a formal complaint to the talent agency right away! 🙂 Happy Birthday! <3

  2. May the sun shine all day long, everything go right and nothing wrong. May those you love bring love back to you, and may all the wishes you wish come true!
    Happy Birthday JD!

  3. AHhhh – Crap!!!

    Now everyone knows I just an old timer!!!!

    For those who are curious (… which is probably about everyone…),.. I am the big FIVE – THREE today (Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!)

    Hahahaha,.. this was certainly a surprise Katie,… thank you,… and thanks to everyone for all the kind sentiments!

    I’m not getting older,… I’m just getter more crouchity!!! (Ehhh,.. it’s to hot out!,.. Ehhh,… it’s to cold out!!!,… Ehhhh,… it’s to sunny!,…. Ehhh,… it’s to dark!,…. Ehhhh,… my shoes are to tight!,…. Ehhhh,…. where are teeth???!!!!)

    JD – US Marines – Gee,.. I hope this shift-fight gets going soon,… or I will be fighting the zombies and the communists off with my walker!!!


    1. Hi Martist,

      Hell,.. at my age,…. “The Good Fight” is a tough Bowel Movement!!!

      JD – US Marines – Ehhhhh!,…. Where’s the Metamucil!!!


  4. Happy Birthday, J.D.

    The only good thing about getting older, is that it beats the crap out of not getting older.

  5. Happy birthday JD! Congratulations on surviving another year in this cesspool we call “Nazi Jersey”! 53?!? Well, don’t worry, instead of calling yourself “old” or “ancient”, you can always go with “vintage”! *laughs*

  6. Your as old as you feel JD. Some days I feel as strong as a buck in the rut, other days, I feel like an old fart. I got a few years on ya so, if you haven’t felt it yet, know it’s coming. When you look forward to bedpan races at the Shady Rest Nursing Home you know you may have overstayed your welcome. “You won’t find me in no nursing home, You Got That Right.” (LS)

    Thank God I don’t need Metamucil. Like the insult dog on Letterman, when I find something “for me to poop on”, I just plop and drop! Happy Birthday Bro! 😆

    1. Hi Millard,

      Hahaha,.. thanks,.. already there pal!

      As my boy just said to me, “…. if anyone calls you old,… just hit them with your cane, and throw your teeth at them as you make your get away!…”

      JD – US Marines – Some days you feel like crap,…. and other days,.. your lucky to take a crap….


  7. Happy Birthday JD!! I hope it’s a wonderful birthday young fella! Yep you are a young fella to me because I was already a teenager when you were born! Enjoy your special day today!

  8. Bear down JD, another year, another successful movement. You know it’s bad when your balls start to hang in the toilet water , that’s when your getting old.

    1. LOLOLOLOL! Will someone submit “I’ve Got Big Balls” by ACDC!

      “I’ve got the biggest balls of them all!”

      Douched in toilet water, they will shrink up eventually!

    1. Actually, I heard Millard say it on the show, so I put one up there. I was out fishing, and got on late.

  9. Hey J.D. hope you had a good birthday. sorry for the painful picture of hitlery.

    By the way, I’m 72 and I love my glasses, my false teeth, and i know I’ll love my hearing aids when i get them. 😆 😆

  10. Sorry this is late JD but Happy Birthday!

    Our wireless tower internet has become so damned slow…ah, the tribulations of living in the rural remote of far west Texas where it is either slow wireless internet or slow metered satellite internet!…that I have not been able to even download FTTWR all damned day! Husband conducting business…it’s so slow that only one computer at a time can use internet now…and it is after 10:30 pm!

  11. Happy Birthday JD, and thank you for the site. Was shown this website from an old co-worker, who worked continuously to open all of our eyes. He was a real good guy, former veteran. Heard a couple months ago that he killed himself. I still don’t understand the story, but wish he was still with us today. We need more people like him.

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