8 thoughts on “Jeff Beck and ZZ Top – Ernie Ford’s SIXTEEN TONS

  1. Jeff beck and Gibbons are good together. Beck a good old favorite of mine too. 🙂 🙂 😉

    1. Back in the hard party/bar hopping days we went bar hopping and three of us in the back seat of my buddies 59 thunderbird – wrap around back seat ya know – and about 150 miles from home we all puked, I was the only one that got my head out the window. Yep, this song was playing. MEMORIES 😆 true story.
      that was a year or so after Going Down came out 😉

      1. my stars……….diggerdan………..decent of you to share this with us…….cause, of the past….of what good is if not shared with those who care to here it…………good one.,…I remember long ago times too…..good one.

        1. Those were the days when a cop would pull ya over if driving drunk and would tell ya to just pull off the side of the road and sober up.

          1. yea or offer to say, park it, and I’ll give you a ride home and you can come back tomorrow and get your vehicle….
            and you know what…stat’s of deaths were less then when this was the order of the day.,….

          2. Yep, rbeason. I remember those days too, and those were the days too I think.
            I realy do miss those days. I wish I could live them all over again to do it again.
            That is right too that there were not that many accidents. There were accidents but not even close to how many there are today.

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