Jews find special favour with employers in the American South

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American, out of work and looking for work?

If the answer is yes, then you had better claim that you are a Jew the next time you apply for a job.

Far from the Israeli propaganda mantra that “anti-Semitism” is growing worldwide and that Jews had better make their way to the racist Zionist ghetto known as Israel, it turns out that being Jewish significantly boosts your job prospects.  

According to a new study, reported by the Washington Post,

when you’re Jewish and searching for a job, you’re not just one of the chosen people, you’re one of the more chosen people, at least in the modern American South. The study of religious discrimination in hiring recently published in the journal Social Currents found job applicants whose résumés betrayed a religious affiliation were 26 per cent less likely to be contacted by an employer – except for Jewish applicants.

Researchers Michael Wallace, Bradley R.E. Wright and Allan Hyde of the University of Connecticut sent 3,200 fake applications to 800 jobs within 150 miles of two major Southern cities through a popular employment website. Each employer got four résumés with comparable job qualifications. The only thing that set the fake job candidates apart was whether their résumés mentioned involvement with a religious group – such as membership in the Muslim Student Association or Hillel House, a Jewish organization…

Muslims were least likely to be contacted by employers, receiving 38 per cent fewer emails and 54 per cent fewer phone calls than the control group. Atheists and pagans were also unpopular and, to a lesser extent…

“Only Jews escaped totally unscathed,” researchers said, reporting “no statistically significant evidence of discrimination against this group across all eight indicators in the study.” In fact, researchers found that some employers seemed to favor Jewish applicants, as they were more likely than any other religious group to get an early or exclusive response from an employer.

So, there you have it! No “anti-Semitism” but, rather, special treatment for the chosen ones – chosen not only in the diabolical book of myths known as the”Old Testament”, but also when it comes to finding a livelihood.

3 thoughts on “Jews find special favour with employers in the American South

  1. Did anyone in the study put Christian, Catholic, Protestant? Or was it just Muslim Vs. Jew? All that I can see that they put was atheist, muslim or jew. So a true study would of done ALL religions. Sorry here in the south it is Christian, period.

  2. well duh, they own just about fuking everything , of course these racist ,ethnocentric ,xenophobic, neptotists are going to hire their own 1st

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