2 thoughts on “Jews partying because immigrants are invading Europe.

  1. Obviously no laughing matter BUT he who laughs last laughs the loudest… They’ll get theirs eventually… one way or another.

  2. And how many of these Jews are Talmudic? Likely, most of them (notice the kippas?), and as one should know by now, the Talmud hates Jesus Christ because He overthrew the moneychangers in the temple and called the Pharisees (ancestors of the Talmud authors) “ye are of your father, the devil” and more. And wasn’t Europe the hot bed of early Christianity? And didn’t countries there kick the Jews out of Europe? After all, Satan demands that his followers (Talmudic Jews) use hate, death and destruction on their “enemies.” (And not just Europe) And was Barbara Lerner Spector there as well?

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