Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Tracker, Dead At 78

Before It’s News – by Mort Amsel

RIP Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Tracker, and author of Jim Tucker’s Bilderberg Diary. (December 31, 1934 — April 26, 2013) This one man made it his mission to expose the Bilderberg Group, and tracked their every move for over 25 years, and is largely the reason we know so much about them! We will continue where you left off sir! I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at the 2012 Bilderberg protest in Chantilly, VA.  

Rest in peace Jim, you did good work and you still managed to keep your sanity. -Mort


10 thoughts on “Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Tracker, Dead At 78

        1. Fell down a flight of stairs? Now that doesn’t seem right. Conspiracy? Someone push him or did he really fall? I find that strange.

          1. I read that on another article titled “Was Jim Tucker Assassinated” or something very close to that. I didn’t send that one to Henry cause….. well, you know….
            I don’t really believe in all that ‘conspiracy’ stuff.

            Besides, Henry’s warned us about spreading those “outrageous conspiracy theories”, you know. 🙂

          2. Yea, I just read his obituary in the video part of that above and it did say that he died due to injuries from falling down the stairs in the company of his family. Just seems strange. I don’t want to be a conspiracy theorist or anything. I just want to be normal. lol

    1. He was one of the first people if not the first person and/or journalist to investigate the dealings of Bilderberg, while everyone else thought he was crazy and refused to investigate it. He even received a lot of death threats over the years. Then AJ got on the bandwagon with him for awhile and other alternative media outlets continued to assist him in his quest to expose the Bilderbergers every year from the late 90’s to present day.

      Although he worked with AJ at times in the past in exposing the Bilderbergers, I don’t think he was controlled opposition in any way, as I never really heard anything bad about him by anyone in the alternative news outlets. I’m pretty sure he was legit, unless someone can prove to me otherwise.

      1. I grew up not remembering names and all and it kind of carried over into adult hood if ya know what I`m sayin`. Ya cannot be a rat/snitch if ya don`t remember names, hense why people have always liked and trust me to the utmost :). And also I am not a lier because a lier need a good memory and I fried my short term memory, I did a damned good job at frying it, I did, and I enjoyed every bit of frying it too. I just wish I could get off again if ya`ll know what I`m sayin` 🙂 🙂

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