Joe Biden Complains About ‘Ridiculous’ Number of Gun Sales After Synagogue Terrorist Incident

Breitbart – by Charlie Spiering

President Joe Biden complained about the number of guns sold in the United States after an armed terrorist suspect took four hostages at a Texas synagogue on Sunday.

“There’s so many guns that have been sold of late; it’s just ridiculous,” Biden said when asked by reporters on Sunday about gun control after the incident.

Biden noted that suspect, Faisal Akram, 44, a British national, had allegedly purchased his gun on the street, before the incident.

“The guns are — we should be — the idea of background checks are critical,” he said, but admitted that “you can’t stop something like this if someone is on the street buying something from somebody else on the street.”

Biden said that country had failed to “focus as hard as we should and as consistent as we should” on issues like gun purchases, gun sales, and “ghost” guns.

Akram was killed by the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, nearly eleven hours after he entered the synagogue. None of the hostages were harmed.

Biden called the incident “an act of terror” but said he did not know why Akram was demanding the release of Aafia Siddiqui, known as “Lady al-Qaeda” imprisoned at Fort Worth for trying to kill American soldiers.

“I don’t– we don’t have I don’t think there is sufficient information to know about why he targeted that synagogue, why he insisted on the release of someone who’s been in prison for over 10 years, why he was engaged, why he was using an anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli comments,” Biden said.

6 thoughts on “Joe Biden Complains About ‘Ridiculous’ Number of Gun Sales After Synagogue Terrorist Incident

  1. Besides the fact Demented Joe can’t speak one coherent sentence (as stated in the multiple quotes in this article), he fails to realize this had nothing to do with guns (as this clearly was not an active shooter or mass casualty event) and everything to do with releasing a family member from prison. Psyo-ops or not.

    Demented Joe has a one track mind, I guess. That’s what happens when you’re demented.

  2. Funny how they need people flown in from Washington DC to come and help with a simple hostage situation. (As stated in the news video in the Breitbart article)

    WTF??? That ain’t suspicious or anything.

    This took place conveniently next to the Dallas Fort Worth airport (literally less than 10 mins away) which is about 45 minutes away from me. A quick and convenient way for them to fly in and out with any evidence and escort out their actor without question and before anyone can question the narrative or find anything out.

    What a coinky-dink! Nope! No psyo-op there!


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