JUST IN: Longtime Biden Family Friend Was Prosecutor In US Attorney Weiss’ Delaware Office

By Mark Steffen – Trending Politics News

New emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop by Fox News have revealed that a key prosecutor inside the office of U.S. Attorney for Delaware David Weiss is a close personal friend of the president’s son, a former staffer for then-U.S. Senator Joe Biden, and worked under Weiss when he was preparing to bring charges against the embattled younger Biden.

Alexander Snyder-Mackler, who has been a Deputy Attorney General of Delaware since 2019 according to his LinkedIn profile, held meetings with White House attorneys following President Biden’s election in 2020 at the same time when his boss was investigating Hunter Biden for falsifying tax records submitted to the Internal Revenue Service. In June the embattled first son reached a plea deal that spared him prison time in exchange for admitting to two misdemeanor counts of tax fraud and one count of illegally possessing a firearm. The deal is believed to be the first one in Delaware that offered no prison time as a result of such crimes.

Emails and text messages between Snyder-Mackler and Hunter Biden show a personal connection that went deeper than politics and indicated a familiarity that raises doubts about the impartiality of Weiss’s office when it reached the plea bargain from the Biden son.

From Fox News:

In a text message dated March 10, 2019, well after the federal investigation was underway, Mackler texted Hunter Biden, saying he was “in the car for a long drive” and “just wanted to say hi.”

Biden responded the next day, calling him “buddy.”

On Oct. 16, 2018, Mackler emailed Biden “wondering how life is on [his] end” before signing off, “Love you brother.”

Mackler also frequently vented to Hunter Biden and Schwerin following Hillary Clinton’s upset defeat to former President Donald Trump later that November.

“I’m trying very hard to take solace in the fact that more people in this country feel like us than like Trump’s people,” Mackler said.

“It’s hard,” he wrote to Hunter Biden and Schwerin Nov. 9, 2016, one day after the election.

Mackler, who worked for Joe Biden between 2007 and 2008 as his Senate press secretary, has previously denied having any knowledge or involvement in the case against Hunter Biden, though the optics of his employment at the office will continue to fan the flames of the investigation into Hunter Biden and the president’s entire family.

Weiss, the Delaware prosecutor, has denied allegations by IRS whistleblowers that Hunter Biden received preferential treatment during the investigation and was the beneficiary of interference run to avoid connections to President Biden. The whistleblowers added that Weiss kicked two prosecutors off the case who had vast experience in the matter, instead replacing them with others who had no knowledge of the investigation into Hunter Biden.

House Republicans are expected to soon depose Biden family associate Devon Archer, who claims that Hunter Biden put his father on the phone dozens of times with business associates including Ukrainian officials accused of bribing the president. Republicans are seeking to tie business dealings by Hunter Biden and other family members to the president, who has repeatedly denied knowledge or involvement.


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