‘Justice For Jack’ Woman Angrily Cross-Examines Sheriff, He Turns Into A Sheepish Sniveling 3rd Grader

Liberty Fight – by Martin Hill

Disclaimer: The title of this article and characterization of this exchange is mine alone, but I couldn’t resist but post this clip from news. ‘Justice for Jack’ advocates attended an Adams County, Idaho council meeting earlier this week, and one woman read a prepared statement. but what occurred after that is even better. Adams county sheriff ryan zollman was present at the meeting, and afterwards, she had a chance to question him in an impromptu, spontaneous exchange.  

To me, this guy looks like a sheepish kingergardner who is in trouble, getting scolded by the teacher. The funny thing is that even though there may have been only a dozen people at this meeting, Zollman was well aware that there could very well be hundreds of thousands, or maybe even millions of people watching this exchange later via the internet.

Look at this guy’s expression! He looks as if he wants to dissolve and sink into the floor. With his hands in pockets, he sheepishly grimaces as the woman grills him about the secret police memo issued January 22,, and why he didn’t inform the community at large of the potential danger of Deputy Brian Wood to the community.

The memo issued January 22 concerning Deputy Brian Wood, one of two officers who killed Jack Yantis, was issued by the Ada County Idaho Sheriff’s Office Crime Analysis Unit. It was an “OFFICER SAFETY/ EXTRA PATROL” notice, also marked ‘LES: Law Enforcement Sensitive.’ The document stated, in part:

“ACCORDING TO ADAMS COUNTY SHERIFF OFFICE, Brian Wood has become increasingly unstable in recent weeks.. Brian Wood is one of the Adams SCO Deputies involved in the recent officer Involved shooting in Council. ACSO (Adams County Sheriff Office) advised Wood and his wife are separating and there have been recently reported Domestic Violence issues in the Home. During a conversation with Adams CSO, Wood advised “If cops get involved, shots will be fired.” On 01/20/16 Wood was observed collecting guns from a fifth-wheel trailer on sister-in-laws property. Since that time, Wood’s whereabouts are unknown. Adams CSO stated Wood claims to have access to explosives. Wood’s in-laws currently reside in Meridian (info above) and have requested extra patrol due to statements from Woods that they are “not safe”. *NO CHARGES HAVE BEEN FILED ON WOOD. ACSO IS NOT CURRENTLY INVESTIGATING ANY CRIME INVOLVING WOOD. OFFICER SAFETY ONLY*


The Justice for Jack woman began by reading a prepared statement to the Commissioners. Keep in mind that there are only three Adams County Commissioners. One is the brother in law of Jack Yantis Mike Paradis, and another is a relative of one of the deputies who killed Yantis. Yeah, it’s a really small town. The woman began:

“Etymology of “justice” from etymonline.com: justice (n.) Look up justice at Dictionary.com

mid-12c., “the exercise of authority in vindication of right by assigning reward or punishment;” also “quality of being fair and just; moral soundness and conformity to truth,” from Old French justice “justice, legal rights, jurisdiction” (11c.), from Latin iustitia “righteousness, equity,” from iustus “upright, just” (see just (adj.)). Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been and ever will be pursued until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit. [“The Federalist,” No. 51]

Meaning “right order, equity, the rewarding to everyone of that which is his due” in English is from late 14c. The Old French word had widespread senses including also “uprightness, equity, vindication of right, court of justice, judge.” In English c. 1400-1700 sometimes also with a vindictive sense “infliction of punishment, legal vengeance.” As a title for a judicial officer, c. 1200. Justice of the peace first attested early 14c. To do justice to (someone or something) “deal with as is right or fitting” is from the 1670s. In the Mercian hymns, Latin iustitia is glossed by Old English rehtwisnisse.

I am not really asking for “Justice For Jack” today. The sad truth is only our merciful Lord can offer that to Jack now. I seek answers for those who are still here, for Jack’s family, for this community, for myself, but mostly for Brian Wood and Cody Roland. They have become the focal point of much anger, and their lives cannot move forward until this report is released. Over the weekend, a different report was released. It was an “Attempt To Locate” an apparently distraught Brian Wood. The document indicates Mr. Wood had, among other things, threatened to shoot people. As he is an FBI-trained sniper, the idea that he was running loose for at least 2 days with no warning to any residents here, not even the Yantis family, seems like reckless disregard for this community by Sheriff Zollman.

Brian got on facebook and claims the story is false, that the man who created the document was fired for it. If that is indeed true, it would have been wise to tell the community about it directly rather than wait for someone to leak it to the press. If it is not true, Brian is clearly in need of help. He cannot get help so long as his life is in limbo, waiting with the rest of us for the truth to be told.

Whether the report is true or false, Sheriff Zollman’s judgement must be questioned. I understand a desire to see the deputies unharmed, but to leave the rest of the people living here at risk is the gross dereliction of duty. To know a false report was filed and to choose to keep that information from the public until is is leaked let Brian Wood up for the position where he is left to defend himself from slander to a community that is already fearful and justifiably lacks faith in our local law enforcement. I urge the Commissioners to stand with us and to call for an investigation into Sheriff Ryan Zollman and his dangerously poor handling of the Yantis case.

I am beyond weary of being called a “cop hater” for wanting answers. I am not a cop hater. I once considered Brian an ally. It has been many many years since our paths crossed, but at the time I personally saw him step up and stand up for the Constitution, for liberty, for “justice for all.”

I ask you to consider the wives of Cody and Brian. The burden they bear is great. I have met both women. It has been years since I saw MacKenzie, but she stood beside Brian for the same principles that day. Tyanne I only recently bumped into. She is my neighbor and seems to be a very sweet young woman. Whatever their husbands did, they are guilty of nothing except loving them. I want them to see justice, I want them to be able to move about this county without fear. I want that for all of us.

Many people see life as a series of choices between right and wrong, I see life as a series of choices between love and fear. When this happened, I did not know any of the Yantis family. I have met many of them over the past six months, and what they have been through can only be described as “living hell.” The way this case has been handled from start to finish has left everyone in this county afraid, and it is well past time that we are given the answers we need to put aside our fears and be free to love our neighbors again.

Justice is not vengeance, Justice is love. Brian Wood and Cody Roland need truth and Justice, perhaps more than the Yantis family. This entire community needs answers. Withholding the findings of the investigation delays justice and keeps everyone in fear. We ask the Attorney General to release the findings without further delay. As our County Commissioners, we ask you to join is in this request. I am well aware that your families have personally been torn apart by this incident. The Justice For Jack group has been peaceful and patient, but every law enforcement agency available to us appears unwilling to address our grievance.

No matter what we believe, no matter who our friends or enemies are, the way to mend the rifts, the way to restore love is a journey that begins with truth and ends with JUSTICE. Please stand with us and ask for the expedited release of this. you know the burden this community is bearing.”

The commissioner then addresses Sheriff Ryan ZOllman, who is standing in the room listening to the speech.

He plays dumb and the woman says

“Sheriff Zollman, You were on the news addressing this issue, please don’t pretend you dont know what I’m talking about.”

He haltingly replies, “I … don’t know what you’re talking about.”

She then hands him some papers and explains the issue again.

Zollman explains that the document was “law enforceement sensitive” and “it was a simple welfare check.”

The woman goes itno details, abotu the facts of what the document actually stated, that Wood told Adams County Sheriff that if cops are involved, shots would be fired.”

Zollman claims he never told anyone that, “we had nothing to do with that. The allegations of everything that occurred were in Vally county and Ada County.” He said on that day specifically, he told them “I am not concerned about Brian,” etc.

The woman then implores Zollman that if the document was indeed all lies, then he should “back him up if hes telling the truth.” She continues “then how did that document get that information on it?!”

She adds, “was that a crime releasing that document? Because it is the greatest thing that happen to this community in six months. And now we’re being treated…”

She then goes on to describe several people in the community who are “afraid of you and your department.”

A commissioner then interrupts her and says that there is no need to “bash” the sheriff. She replies that she is not “bashing” him, but simply expressing her concerns and asking some questions. He repeats that he does not want anyone to “bash” the sheriff, and at that time another Justice for Jack woman intervenes.

She explains how indeed, she lives in Adams County and does not feel safe, and would not call the sheriff, and knows that the sheriffs department has indeed “intimidated and harasssed citizens needlessly.”

She continues, “some answers need to be brought so that we can stop fearing the sheriffs department.”

The local prosecutor is then brought in to the discussion and replies that he’s in the same boat as everyone else, and is simply waiting for the results of the investigation.

Watch the video here:

You can watch the shorter news report on the meeting here


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  1. Why wait for the investigation. There is no more law….the sheriff is taking his orders from someone else. Time to fix the problem. This sheriff is nothing. Get rid of him and get a new one that protects the people. Enough is enough. This could be easily dealt with.

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